Tuesday 5 September 2006

  Vnukovo Repair Plant, Moscow

Superbly restored Tu-104 on its plinth at the entrance to Vnukovo airport. There is nowhere to stop on the access roads,
so this photograph was taken from the bus window.

This smart looking Yak-42D was on the ramp at the repair plant........

....while inside, this government airline Tu-214 was being worked on.

Ramp Tour at Krasnodar and the drive to Gelendzhik

A rather forlorn looking Il-14 awaiting restoration at Krasnodar airport.

Sitting in the hot sun was this immaculate An-24RV of Yakutiya Airlines.

Heavylift for hire - a Mi-26 of PANH.

Whilst we were enjoying ourselves photographing all and sundry, in taxied this smart looking Mi-17.
Note the additional fuel tanks strapped to the cabin sides.

This is the standard livery of the Kuban Airlines Yak-42 - similar to the one we flew in.........

....but while we there, in taxied this gorgeous looking example.

This is how close we were to the taxiway!

Our hosts took us on a slight detour to see this MiG-21 monument outside the town of Krymsk.
The sign reads 50 Years of Victory.

A closer shot of the monument - which appears to be a MiG-21PF - although the canopy is plated over.

This superb statue of a Soviet Marine stands guard over the road
between Novorossisk and Gelendzhik.

Another 'arty' shot of the Marine - this time taken through a part of the monument.
I assume that the 'flags' mean something??

Looking back to where we had come from - the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossisk.
The metal bars in the foreground bore the names and tonnage of ships sunk during the war.

Looking forward to where we were heading - the coast road to Gelendzhik -
which is the next bay along - behind the headland in the distance.

This is our hotel in Gelendzhik - the owner and his young sons were very friendly and made us very welcome.
It was comfortable and clean......

..... but it was a mile or so from where we wanted to be - down by the water in the distance.
This photo was taken on the morning of my last day in Gelendzhik - and shows the glorious sunrise over the bay.
The weather was like this every day. What more could you want - great weather, superb location and lots of aircraft.