Wednesday 6 September 2006

  Hydroaviation Show, Gelendzhik, Black Sea

A scan of the layout of the Hydroaviation Exhibition site.
I have added a red box showing where the bar was located in the Gloria complex
just across the road from the show.
The old airport is also flagged - it was closed during the show.......

This scan shows the old airport - and the extent of  the new international airport currently being built.
We were supposed to stay at the Gloria Complex, but were moved to the hotel about 2km away.
The scan is taken from 'Takeoff' magazine.

Flying scale model of a Beriev Project - the Be112.

Where do you want your supercar sir? - rear opening ramp on the Be-112 model.

Another Beriev Project model - the Be-101.

The regular Be-2500 Ekranoplan - the configuration changes slightly each year.

Model of the once-proposed Be-42PE used D-27A propfans. With the demise of the An-70 which used
the same engine, the Be-42PE  proposal has reverted to using the PS-90 Turbofan.

This interesting model combines a lift fan and pushers in an airframe that can land anywhere! 

Outside for the opening ceremony - consisting of this MChS fireboat and supporting craft plus two Kamov helicopters trailing flags.

'Yellow 45' - a Kamov Ka-27PS of the Russian Border Guards - as indicated by the red stripe on the fuselage.

His companion was another Gelendzhik-based Ka-27PS.

The singleton MiG-29 of the Strizhi doing his solo display...

....smoke on - go!

He finished his display with this flare 'bomb burst'.

The six-ship Su-27's of the 'Russki Vityazi' - the Russian Knights. The one on the left is just about to peel off  for his solo display.


Close formation pass by the two Su-27UB's.


Knife-edge pass.

Underside view of the big Su-27.

The singleton finishing his display with a rolling discharge of flares.

The Beriev Be-40 commencing his takeoff run in the bay.

Coming in over the hills for a water landing.

The Beriev Be-103 six-seat light twin.

No, not the Batplane! Underside shot of the Be-103.

Be-200ChS doing a water drop.....

...before going round again - after having scooped up more water.

The Be-200ChS and Be-40 banking round the hills in formation.

Note the difference in size between the Be-40 and Be-200.

The obligatory parachute display....

....before the arrival of the four-ship Strizhi display.
The RS-33 engines on the MiG-29 put out much more smoke than the AL-31's of the Su-27.

Strizhi display from the top.............

....and from the bottom.

The La-8 from Aerovolga taxying out for a display.....

...but unfortunately he damaged his port main gear and float on the ramp and had to return.

The attendance of microlight seaplanes was down this year - this Che-25 was the only one there.

At the end of the first day as the crowds had gone home, we wandered along the ramp taking photos - this is the Be-40/A-42 Albatros.

The Be-103 was still doing business with pleasure flights........

.....and the Be-200ChS went in for final dip.

Once afloat the undercarriag is retracted.

The only other presence on the ramp was this Aquaglide Ekranoplan.

The La-8 being worked on to fix the maingear and float.

"Where are the planes"???  Members of a rival aviation tour group looking for something to photograph after they had arrived late!
Sorry guys - I couldn't resist!

The end of a long day - with the moon coming up over Gelendzhik bay - taken from the balcony of the bar......

....while later on, we watched the firework display...

....a great end to a great first day.