Friday 8 September 2006

  Anapa Airport, Black Sea

Tu-154M at Anapa airport - complete with Aeroflot & Continental Airways
(not to confused wth the US Continental AIRLINES) titles.

Apparently RA-85777 is an ex-Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 and it taxied out minutes later.

Also on the Anapa ramp, in glorious sunshine, was this Tu-154M of Sibir Airlines....

....and this Tu-154M of Atlant Soyuz.

Whilst we were there, this Tu-134A-3 of the State Airline 'Rossiya' arrived.....

.....and disgorged some VIP's.

This Yak-40 belonging to 'Russian Aircraft corporation "MIG" was parked on the grass.... was this An-26B of the Russian Border Guards service - note the red bands on the rudder and tailplane.

A Yak-42 of Kuban Airlines - in the same livery as the one we had flown in from Moscow to Krasnodar.

Meanwhile, back at Gelendzhik.......

The Aerovolga La-8 had been fixed and took to the water for its display....

....powered by twin 250hp M-337C piston engine, it proved to be a sprightly performer.

This time it had no problems on the ramp!