Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 September 2006

  Hydroaviation Show, Gelendzhik, Black Sea

Be-200 taxying out for his display.

A sprightly takeoff by the Be-200.

It really is quite photogenic.....

Floating in over the amusement parks for a water landing......

....and up the ramp at the end of his display.

Then it was the turn of the Be-40 Albatros to display.

It really is quite a large aircraft.

It really does look like an Albatros!

Banking away behind some trees.

He put on quite a tight display.....

.......before landing.

Then the Be-200 and Be-40 flew a formation display.......

....before the Be-200 did some more water drops.....

...after which he taxied past with cargo door open.

Then the Aquaglide went out for another display....

.....this at slow speed.

This is a shot from below the bar showing the Rostvertol balloon - and my colleague Jonathan.

This schooner - called 'Corsair' - sailed out during a lull in the flying display.

The large scale model of the Be-112 was wheeled out.....

....before being started up and cast off.

Only the water gives the scale away..... flight it could almost be real.

Underside shot showing the large side sponsons.

Giant arms reaching out of the water to grab the Be-112!

Overflight by a military Mi-8.

Break by the three Be-103's.

Arrival of the Strizhi MiG-29's - popping flares.

Trailing smoke - and vapour trails.

Solo demo by 'Bort 06' - "Smoke on - Go"!

The five-ship Russian Knights display team.

Hauling the  big Su-27UB past the admiring crowds.

Not to be outdone by his colleague in "Blue 25", "Blue 20" also did some close, tight passes.

The final of the 'Russki Vityazi' display is a rolling climbout, popping flares.

  finally, this is the balcony of the bar we frequented......

This is the balcony of the bar in the Gloria complex - from where we photographed some of the display on the Sunday...