Monday 20 August 2007

 Bykovo Airport, Moscow.

Newly delivered Kamov Ka-226 of the Militia.

Russian registered Robinson R44

Dexter Air Taxis M-101T 'Gzhel'.

The gate-guard Il-14 - looking even more forlorn than last year

Monino Museum

New arrival at Monino - Sukhoi Su-17UM3

The Myasischev M-17 'Stratosphera' has had a face lift.

Dominating the central area is this Tu-95M Bear

The Great Patriotic War display has also had a lick of paint - as shown on this P-63 Kingcobra.

The A-20 Havoc has been cleaned up...... has the B-25 Mitchell.

Still guarding the entrance is the Tu-4 'Bull'.

Having purchased the Amodel kit, I had to do a complete walkround of the mighty M-50 'Bounder'!

The main hangar has been rebuilt - but is not yet open.

Because Monino is quite close to Chkalovskaya, departing aircraft fly right over - this is a Tu-134UBL...... Il-76 transport.... immaculate 'Rossiya' Il-18.....

.....a colourful Tu-134UBL.....

....and this Il-20.

Chkalovskaya Airbase

Resident Tu-154B-2




One of our keen-eyed members spotted that this derelict An-12 had the same serial - RA-12124..... this airworthy An-12PP!!

This immaculate An-12BK sports the same Regiment insignia of 223 Flight.... also seen on the Tu-154.

Further down the transport ramp was a lineup of Antonov An-72's..

....while across the ramp, this Il-76 was preparing for departure.

Our final stop was back on the main ramp - where the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre had this L-39...... well as this superb Tu-154.

Another Tu-134UBL on the Gagarin ramp - this one with 'Rossiya' titles.

Final shot of the day was this An-12PP being loaded with a jet engine.