Tuesday 21 August 2007

Kurumoch Airport, Samara


'Our' aircraft - a Tu-134 of Aeroflot Nord.

Tu-154 of 'Rossiya' Airlines - note the old Poltava Airlines colours.

Tu-134A-3 of UTair taxiing past - I wonder what the passengers were thinking as they saw this bunch of nutters photographing them?

Another Tu-134 - this time in the colours of Cosmos.

Resident Samara Airlines Tu-154B-2 on the hot ramp.

Tucked away off the main ramp was this Il-76 of Iranian cargo airline - Payam Air.

Another Payam Airlines Il-76TD

Samara City

In the middle of a busy traffic island was this immaculate Il-2 'Shturmovik'.

I risked life and limb crossing busy Russian traffic to bring you these photos of the Il-2!!

Samara State Aerospace University

MiG-17 being worked on in the baking heat by the Unversity students

Su-7UM instructional airframe.

The remains of a PZL-11 'Belphegor' jet biplane crop sprayer.

Su-15 'Flagon' interceptor.

Il-28 'Beagle' bomber.

Amongst the huge collection of airframes and structural specimens inside the buildings was this MiG-21.

Ejection seat from a Yak-28.

In yet another building we saw this MiG-23 - the cockpit of which I photographed.

Another airframe alongside - this time a MiG-29.

I was taking an interest in this KM-1 ejection seat...

....so they forced me to sit down and be strapped into it !!!

Smyshlyaevka Airport Site & G.A. Field

Czech built LET-410.


One of Russia's first jet airliners - the Tu-104.

Derelict witness to the Soviet Union's foray into the supersonic airliner market - the Tupolev Tu-144.

Try as we might, access into the Tu-144 was just a step too far.......!!

.....although I did climb the steps to take this photo.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I opened the door and - with great difficulty at my age - climbed into this Mi-24A.

Antonov An-14 'Pchelka'.

Mi-8 of 'Barkol' on the GA ramp next door.

Immaculate Mi-8 with Kazakhstan-based 'Tulpar Air' titles.

After scaring off the resident crows, we photographed this An-2 of 'ROSTO'.

A closeup of the ROSTO badge - successor to DOSAAF.