Wednesday 22 August 2007

MAKS 2007 at Zhukovsky

Driving down the 'secret' ramp at Zhukovsky - photographing through the coach window. Loads of derelict airframes on the Sukhoi ramp.

Tu-160 through the glass.

A closer look at Red 19 - 'Valentin Bliznyuk' - designer of the Tu-160.

Forlorn looking Tu-144LL at the end of the ramp.

The first day starts proper with a stroll down the static line - to photograph this immaculate An-2 on floats.

Myasischev M-55 'Geophisica' Earth Resources high altitude research aircraft.

Strange looking gyrocopter - with the name 'Adel' on the side.

Il-76LL used by LII to test the NK-93 ducted propfan.

Another testbed - LII Su-27 testing the TVC Al-31FM1 engine from Salyut.

Mil Mi-171 from Kazan Helicopters.

Mil Mi-8AMT

Mightly Mi-26T in the colours of MChS

Mi-24P/Mi-35P upgrade.

Mil Mi-38 - Potential Hip replacement.

Full scale mockup of the Mil Mi-54

A success story - Kamov Ka-226 in Militia markings.

Detachable passenger cabin.......

....from a Ka-226AG of GaspromAvia.

Another Hip upgrade - this time a Mi-17V-5.

Piston-engined 'Aktai' from Kazan Helicopters.

Based on the Ansat - this 'Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter' is also from Kazan.

Aerovolga Ekranoplan.

Another Ka-226 - this time with a FLIR turret.


Smart looking Tu-95MS Bear - in an all-grey paint scheme.

Beutifully restored Po-2 biplane.

Mi-28 attack helicopter.

Yet another Mi-8 upgrade - this time a Mi-8MTKO.

Fixed-wheel Mi-35PN.

Perennial 'Black Shark - Ka-50.

Menacing looking Ka-52 'Alligator'.


Upgraded Su-27SM.

Su-34 'Platypus'.

MiG-29UB in the colours of Russian TV station 'Channel One'

One of the few new exhibits - the MiG-29K/KUB - note the retractable boarding ladder and IFR probe.

UPAZ refueling pod laid out alongside.


Upgraded Il-76MD-90 with PS-90 turbofans is due to enter service with the Russian VTA.

The Sukhoi S-80 programme appears to be stagnant.

Interestingly, the Su-33 carrier fighter was being closely investigated by a Chinese delegation - make of that what you will!!

Model of the new Su-35 inside the Sukhoi hall.

Another shot of the large Aerovolga ekranoplan.

MiG-29OVT being towed out for its display slot.

Allison-engined MiG-3 restoration.

Antonov An-148

Beriev Be-200ChS in MChS colours.

Ilyushin Il-114 radar testbed with some interest lumps & bumps.


Tail end of the new Su-35.

The fins on the Su-35 are supposed to be smaller - but I couldn't decide.....

The nearest I could get to a cockpit shot of the Su-35.

This restored Tu-144 is destined to become a gate guard over the main entrance at Zhukovsky.

The only flying shot I took on the Wednesday was this combined formation of Russian Knights Flankers and Swifts Fulcrums.

I snapped off a quick shot of this MiG-29UBT as he taxied out.....

......and our old friend Valentin Bliznyuk being towed out - he later took off, presumably for a flight back to Engels?

MiG-29UB in the colours of Channel One TV.


Camouflaged Ka-52 Alligator.

Tu-160 named after Vasily Sen'ko.

All-grey Tu-95MS - named after the city of Great Novgorod.

The restored DIT (two seat trainer verrsion of the I-15bis) suffered a landing mishap - it is here being inspected for damage.

Neat looking autogyro.

.....unlike this Ministry of Silly Planes example - actually from a company called GyRos........

....... and its more agricultural looking stablemate.

Closeup of the nacelle on the NK-93 ducted propfan testbed Il-76.

Give me a set of steps........ M-55 Geophisica in the late afternoon sunshine.

More proof that the Tu-144LL is still at Zhukovsky - remember we drove past it on the way in ??

Strolling back to the coach at the end of the day, I photographed this Seawind amphibian.

Interesting scale replica of a Ju-87 - with the words 'Hitler Kaput!' on the nose.

Last in the lineup was this An-38 from Region Avia.

This Indian Navy Il-38SD was calling 'please take a photo' - so I obliged from the coach window as we left the VIP park.

Algerian Air Force Il-76TD - taken from the coach window.... was this Il-96.

Final photo of the day - this MiG-21F stands as a gate guard on the approach to Zhukovsky.