Sunday 26 August 2007

Red Square

St Basil's in Red Square - after its recent clean

Central Armed Forces Museum.

T-34 at the entrance to the Central Armed Forces Museum.

The wreckage of Gary Power's U-2 is again on display.....

....another view of the infamous U-2.

Not much has changed outside - this Mi-24A still looks the same..... does this MiG-17.

Sparrow Hills

Lenin University at the top of Sparrow Hills.

Victory Park

Steam Locomotive at Victory Park...

US built Sherman tank.....

British Matilda II tank supplied under Lend-Lease.

Soviet made T-34.

This Kamov Ka-26 sports Soviet Navy markings - although I'm not sure that the type actually served with the AVMF?

Superbly restored Ilyushin Il-4 medium bomber.

Tucked away behind the Li-2 is this restored cockpit section from a Ju-88.

Park Pobed (Victory Park) is a really beautiful memorial to the Great Patriotic War - with magnificent buildings, parkland,

flower beds and fountains - well worth a longer visit.

Fountains at Victory Park.

The 'restoration area' at Victory Park had the remains of a Hurricane being rebuilt for display.

Another ongoing restoration is this Japanese Ki-43 'Hayabusa'

Museum Techniki

Yak-38 recently moved from the Yakovlev Mueum.

Mi-1 Helicopter beautifully restored.

Jaguar XK-120 waiting to go inside.

Scale model of the Yak-44 - another ex-Yakovlev Museum exhibit.

Genuine Messerschmitt Bf-109G awaiting re-assembly.....

...another shot of the 'Gustav'.

What the exhibits will eventually look like after the rework - this immaculate Chrysler is in the entrance hall.

A-90 'Orlyonok'

The A-90 'Orlyonok' (Sea Eagle) has been moved from the water alongside the submarine onto its own display mounting.

The Project 641B submarine 'Novosibirsk Komsomolets' (NATO Foxtrot) is open to the public -

unfortunately it had closed by the time we got there.

The Orlyonok is not yet open - and is difficult to photograph over the surrounding fence!

A better view can be had from the opposite bank of the small inlet.

Another exhibit in front of the A-90 is this naval assault hovercraft..