Monday 27 August 2007

Vnukovo Airport

Whilst waiting for our escort in the VIP car park, I took a few shots of the landings. This is a 757 of Yakutia.

UTair Tu-134 on finals...

Yak-40 of Sever Stal (Northern Steel).

Tu-154M of Avialini Dagestan being towed out as we boarded our bus after security checks.

....and this Tu-134A-3M of Meridian was at the holding point.

This is how close we were! - Aeroflot Don Tu-154B-2 taxying past.

Swiss registered Challenger 604 taxying out.

The pilot of this BAe-125-800B of Beaver Jet looked a bit bemused as he spotted us photographing him.

Tu-134A-3 of Itera under a brooding sky.

Another Tu-134A-3 - this time in the colours of S-Air.

An-24RV of UTair

Tu-204-100 of Kabkazskie Mineralny Vody.

Tu-154 of Vladivostok Avia on a new section of ramp area.

KMV Tu-204-100 in better light this time.

Across the ramp is the government airline - Rossiya. This Il-62M is in their colours.

A closer look at the Tu-154 of Vladivostok Avia

Out on the holding point, this UTair Tu-134A-3 taxied past.....

......followed by this An-24RV of the same airline.

Tu-154M of Yakutia.

Irish-registered Challenger 604.

Reflections of a UTair Tu-154M

Another Challenger - this time Austrian registered.

KMV Tu-154B-2

Aeroflot Don Tu-154B-2

A wave from the co-pilot of this Tu-134A-3 of Aeroflot Don.

UTair Tu-134 holding short of the runway......

....while this Il-86 of Atlant Soyuz departed.

As well as takeoffs, there were some landings - as this 737 of no-frills airline Sky Express shows.

Tu-154 of KMV arriving.

An-24RV of Ukrainian engine maker Motor Sich.


VARZ 400

Lots of bizjets at VARZ - including this Aruba-registered BAe-125.

Another BAe-125 on the ramp.

Austrian registered Challenger.....

....and a Gulfstream.

Back to the 'real' stuff - immaculate Tu-134B-3 - presumably someone's bizjet?

Another Tu-134B-3 - in Meridian colours.

Interesting Tu-134 - with a 'Balkany' (Balkans) long-range communications system in a tail stinger.

Il-76TD of Atlant-Soyuz.

Immaculate Tu-204-100 in Red Wings colours.

Tu-214 of the government airline 'Rossiya'.

Tu-154B-2 in Rossiya colours - but without the titles.

Not a bad photo considering it was taken through the window of a moving coach! - Vnukovo gate guard Tu-104

Also taken from the coach - as we drove away from Vnukovo - Il-86 of Atlant-Soyuz on finals to Vnukovo.


Boeing 737 in the colours of AviaPrad - a strange combination of Latin & Cyrillic letters!

An-24RV on the apron.


MChS Il-76TD

Il-76TD of Alrosa.

Rossiya Il-18 being worked on..

Security forces practicing storming an airliner..... this case an engineless Il-62 being towed along the ramp. The terrorists were successfully overpowered!

Tu-154 of KMV taxying in after landing.

Another Tu-154 - this time belonging to Rossiya/Poltava airlines.

Samara Airlines Tu-134 taxying out for takeoff.....

.........gear up..........


....and climbout.

Turan Air Tu-154 taking off....

.....and climbing out.

Unusual visitor to Domodedovo - Privately-owned VIP-configured Boeing 707-330B with hush-kitted JT-3D engines.