Saturday 6 September 2008

 Last day at the Hydro Aviation Show

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08:14 on a deserted Gelendzhik ramp - our last day at the show....

This small home-built hovercraft looked rather forlorn.

The jetty was deserted....

The Mi-8 was being prepared for its ferry flight to Krimsk.

Lift off!

This time he banked to starboard away from us - it was still windy though!

Time for a last wander around the pavillion. This model of a Tu-142MRE was on the Beriev stand.

Underside shot of the Tu-142MRE model.

Model of a Beriev Be-114 amphibian project.

Be-114 Project

The rear end of the Be-114 features a cargo ramp.

The Be-112 Project is similar, but has the engines mounted on the fin. This is a fully working RC model.

Another Bear model - this time a Tu-142MSD with eight anti-ship missiles underwing.

Closeup of the missiles.

Top view of the Tu-142MSD model.

Beriev A-50E with PS-90A turbofans.

Another Beriev Project - the three-seat Be-101.

Finally - a perennial favourite, the massive Be-2500 Ekranoplan/Freighter.

This poster caught my eye - a proposed spaceplane that looks like it is based on a four-engined Su-34.

The central tailboom has a rocket engine - no further details though.....

Back outside as the Strizhi singleton arrives in a cloud of smoke....

He performed a short, but impressive, opening display.

The hovercraft did a routine....

.....while a four-ship of Swifts displayed...

The A-42PE took off.....

....and flew around the bay....

.... looking quite impressive against the mountainous backdrop.

The morning finished off with the usual drops by the two Be-200ChS water bombers.

Been there- done that !!