Sunday 7 September 2008

 In and around Moscow.

Vnukovo Aviation Repair Plant (VARZ-400)

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Tu-104 on the approach to Vnukovo airport.

Yak-40 at VARZ-400

Another Yak-40.

Wingless Tu-154M awaiting refurbishment.

Tu-154M of 'Rossiya' - the government airline.

Another Tu-154M - this time in Gazpromavia colours.

Tu-154M of Iranian airline Kish Air.

Park Pobedy - Victory Park

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Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go tank

Remains of a Messerschmitt Bf-110.

Hospital train.

Superbly restored Ilyushin Il-4 bomber.

Not so well restored Japanese Ki-43.

Ki-43 Hayabusa.

Soviet VVS LaGG-3


Cockpit section from a Ju-88.

The best Su-15TM in Moscow.


This 'Katyusha' is in a better state than the one at Temryuk !

T-34 Tank.

GAZ 64 - Soviet Jeep.

Another T-34 by the entrance.

As we left Victory Park, I spotted this artwork on the bonnet of a car, so, with the drivers permission, I took a photo...

Central Armed Forces Museum

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The wreckage of Gary Powers U-2 on display.

One of the many magnificent 3D murals.

MiG-17 on display outside.

Kamov Ka-25 Hormone.

SS-12 (NATO Scaleboard) missile.

Central House of Aviation

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GSh-23L twin-barrelled canon - as used on the MiG-23

KM-1-1 used on the MiG-21/23/25/27

KM-1M from a MiG-25.


Cockpit section from the Buran space shuttle.

Sputnik 1.


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Mil Helicopters Mi-6 'Hook'.

MiG-25 Foxbat.

MiG-21SMT with its bulged spine.


Yak-38 with a broken canopy.

KS-1 'Kometa' Anti-ship missile.

A photo of the Khodynka compound from the rear.