Thursday 20 August 2009

 Novodevichy Cemetery

Nikolai Kamov - helicopter designer.

Aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev

Pavel Sukhoi - founder of the famous Sukhoi Design Bureau

Ivan Kozhedub - highest scoring allied ace of WWII with 62 victories.

Alexander Pokryshkin - another GPW pilot - with 59 confirmed kills.

Aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev.

Aircraft designer Semyon Lavochkin.

Gherman Titov - Cosmonaut.

Pavel Belyayev - Cosmonaut.

Sergei Ilyushin - aircraft designer.

Artyem Mikoyan - one half of the MiG design bureau.

Finally, a view from our room on the 20th floor of the hotel Cosmos....

The circular structure in the middle is the entrance to the VDNK Metro station.

The tower is the Ostankino TV tower - with the Cosmonaut memorial and museum next to the metro.