Friday 21 August 2009


First view of the flightline from the security checkpoint - not a lot under leaden skies.

Our old friend, the Be-200ChS belonging to MChS.

Mi-8MTV-1 of MChS - the pilot of which let us look inside.

Recently restored Yak-32 - single seat aerobatic variant of the.....

..... tandem two-seat Yak-30. These two have recently been restored and flown by Modern Aviation Technologies.

This is a mockup of a small jet trainer project from Modern Aviation Technologies, called the SR-10.

The mighty An-22 is very difficult to photograph.......without anyone getting in the way!!!

Roll-Royce/Allison engined Kamov Ka-226..... to a Ka-226T powered by a more powerful Turbomeca Arrius.

MChS Mi-26T.

Mighty 'Cock' dominating the static display..........

...... makes the Tu-160 'Blackjack' look positively small !

Another welcome operational military visitor was this Beriev A-50U.

Note the badge of the 2457th AWACS Base at Ivanovo-Severnyy.

The blanked-off nose glazing and gold-plated cockpit windows are evident in this view.

Immaculate Mi-26.

Tu-95MS named after the City of Samara.

Brand new Mi-8MTV-5 - entering service in small numbers.

The wheeled utility variant of the Ansat has been selected for the training role.

Mi-28 Havoc.

Each year, the Kamov Ka-60 gets a new paint job......

Ka-52 'Alligator'.

Definitive version of the Yak-130 is now in production.....

.... and now features a built-in boarding ladder.

There was another example of the Yak-130 further down the flightline.

Upgraded Su-25M from Lipetsk...

Another Lipetsk visitor - the Su-24M.

Lipetsk-based Su-27SM.

MiG-29SMT from Lipetsk.

MiG-31BM upgrade.

First 'operational' Su-34 - again from Lipetsk.

Su-30MKK - retained by Sukhoi as a trials machine.

Rather forlorn Tu-334 - still waiting for its first order.

PS-90-powered Il-76MD-90.

Radar testbed Il-114.

MiG-29K in Indian Navy colours.

Hump-backed MiG-29SMT.

Russian Air Force An-124 'Ruslan'.

This recently refurbished Tu-144 is planned to be mounted on a gantry over the main entrance to Zhukovsky.

Mockup of the Ilyushin 'Multi-purpose Transport Aircraft'.

This model of the 'Spasatel' (Rescuer) ekranoplan was on display - not sure why?

Eight lift/cruise engines on the Spasatel.

Another ekranoplan model - this time the A-90 'Orlyonok' (Sea Eagle).

The huge Brahmos missile underneath a model of a Su-30MKI.

SAP 518 self-protection jammer....

Opening the flying display were these four Su-27's - flown by instructors from the Combat Training Centre at Lipetsk

Note the false canopies painted on the undersides.

MiG-29SMT taxiing out for his display slot....

New 'splinter' camo.

Two L-39's of the 'Baltic Bees' Aerobatic Team.

The Blatic Bees are a Latvian-based privately-owned team.

United Aircraft Corporation/Sukhoi Superjet 100 taxiing out......

....followed by the company-owned Su-30MKI......

..... and the first prototype of the Su-35......

Now that Sukhoi and MiG are 'united', the MiG-29OVT joined the display.......

....along with the MiG-35 prototype.

The UAC 'gaggle' breaks formation for their individual displays - from left to right,

MiG-29OVT, Su-30MKI, Superjet-100, Su-35 and MiG-35.

Su-30MKI & MiG-29OVT.


Su-30MKI creating vortices in the damp air.

Su-30MKI landing after his display.

The Superjet is a pretty looking airliner.................

.....even in landing configuration.

The Su-35 flew a rather 'tame' routine - with no obvious use of thrust vectoring.

He was constrained by the poor weather.

On landing he made a very short curved approach.....

....but cleaned it all up before touchdown. On another day he apparently made a heavy landing on the starboard wheel !!

Tiny I-15bis nestling under the protective wing of the huge An-124.

Baltic Bee being towed back to its hive.

Yak-130 with smoke from the Italian AF Aerobatic Team - Frecce Tricolori - in the background.

I wonder how long it will be before the Frecce are equipped with the Yak-130's 'rival' - the M-346 'Master'?

Second prototype Su-35 fully 'tooled up'.

Mi-8AMT of the Russian Customs Service.

Ulan-Ude built Mi-171.... to a Kazan-built Mi-17V-5. Note the different nose shapes and glazing.

Kazan helicopter Ansat.

Send in the Cavalry !!!!!

At last !!! The An-22 with no-one around it !!!

An-140-100 of Yakutia.

L-29 Delfin.

Two-seat Yak-30

SibNIA Airlines Yak-40 still attracting the crowds.

Aircraft disposal - Tu-22M2 being reduced to scrap. Great idea for a model diorama.....

'Black Raven' - Spaceplane Project - or flight of fantasy??

All Photos Copyright Ken Duffey