Monday 24 August 2009


Early prototype of the MiG-23 - note the photo calibration marks.

Mil Mi-24 'Hind-A'

MiG-21 MT.

Early MiG-29 (921) with no upper lerx doors and mesh FOD guard - like the Su-27.

MiG-21 shock cone shape.....

.... profile view of same showing compound sweep.




Very smart Tu-154B-2 of the resident transport squadron.

Similarly marked Il-18.

We were allowed to photographed this Il-18 - but not the Il-18/20/22 next to it !!!

An-12 undergoing maintenance.

AI-20M turboprop from the An-12.


Another An-12.

An-72 'Coaler'.

Very smart Il-76 configured for the hospital role.


Fresh from the paint shop?

Another Il-76MD - this time with rather more worn paint scheme.

Another Il-76MD being worked on.

Our escort allowed us to take photos of the Il-62's from the moving mini-bus.....


Lavochlin La-5FN in the markings of Ivan Kozhedub - top scoring allied ace of WWII.

Il-2 'Stormovik'

Voisin replica.

A new exhibit!! - The Mil V-7 helicopter powered by tip-jets.

'Discoplan' experimental glider.

I took loads of 'walkround' photos of this Yak-24 - ready for the Anigrand kit.

The 'other' Yak-141 - it differs slightly from the example at Zadorozhny.

Yak-23 amongst the flora.

'Gate Guard' Tu-4.

These next two are tucked away round the corner - so don't get photographed very often. This is the An-14.......

.... and the unsuccessful Beriev Be-32 Feederliner.

This iconic shot is almost compulsory - Sukhoi T4 Mach-3 Strike Bomber.


Refurbished An-2 almost ready to fly......

....while this one awaits an engine.

This Mil Mi-1 helicopter is being restored to flying condition by the factory.

All Photos Copyright Ken Duffey