Thursday 18 August 2011

MAKS - From the public side.

This scene greets you as you arrive at the central entrance to Zhukovsky - a line up of airframes by the side of the road.

Unfortunately, you can't get off the coach due to the security checks - so these were taken through the coach window.....


Ilyushin Il-102 in a totally ficticious colour scheme.

Once inside, a stroll down the flightline revealed this Mi-26....




Su-25SM - note that all the military aircraft carry the titles 'VVS Rossiya' and have an RF serial plus the new three-coloured star.

New Su-30M2 - ex-PLAAF airframes being refurbished for the RusAF.

Su-30M2 - note the large 'wet' fins on this variant.

Su-27SM3 - another new Flanker upgrade.

Production Su-34.

MiG-35 demonstrator.

Su-34 Bort 48 used by Sukhoi as a development aircraft. Note the new buff-coloured fence just inboard of the wingtip pylon.

An-124 of Volga-Dnepr having its lunch.

An-140-100 - newly inducted into RusAF service.

Ukrainian registered An-158

Part of the large USAF contingent at MAKS - F-16D from Aviano. Note the height of the security fence!!!!

Be-200MChS sporting a new black anti-glare panel in front of the windscreen.

USAFC-5M from Dover AFB.

Mi-8MTV-1 Rescue helicopter in MChS colours.

Mi-2 used by MChS for pilot training.

USAF B-52 from Minot AFB.

KC-10 from McGuire AFB

New upgraded Mi-26T2 from Rosvertol

I think this is the second prototype of the Mi-38 - it has the code 38012 - but it has the same engine grilles as RA-38011 seen at MAKS 09.....

...whereas this one coded 38011 has different grilles and bears the logo 'Mi-382' ???

Mi-28N in a fetching grey camouflage scheme.

Kamov Ka-32A11VS in MChS colours

Kamov Ka-32A 'Fire Attack' variant - with ventral water tank and spray boom.

Ulan-Ude built Mi-8AMT - compare the nose and window shape with.....

.... the Kazan-built Mi-17V5.

Myasishchev M-55 'Geophisica' high-altitude survey platform.

Antonov An-158.

Production Yak-130 trainer nestling in the shade of the Beriev A-50's wings.

Brand new 'Rysachok' (Colt) light turboprop produced by "TsSKB-Progress" and designed by NKF "Technoavia".

Il-76LL used as an engine testbed for the Indian 'Kaveri' fighter engine.

Close up of the Kaveri engine nacelle - destined for the HAL Tejas fighter - on the port inner pylon.

Airbus A-380 being towed out for its display.

From the world's lagest aircraft to the smallest - the electric powered EADS Cri-Cri.

Immaculately restored Polikarpov I-15bis.

Another Polikarpov restoration - the ubiquitous Po-2.

Kamov Ka-226T Air Ambulance.

Buran Space Shuttle awaiting restoration.

A collection of testbeds from the Gromov Flight Test Centre.

Sukhoi Su-24.



Tu-155 - testbed for cryogenic fueled engines.


Tu-16LL - used to test jet engines underslung from the weapons bay.

Tu-160 'White Swan' - named after Nikolai Kuznetsov.


This Police Squirrel helicopter was keeping a disconcerting eye on us!!

MiG 1.44 prototype languishing on the Mikoyan ramp

Ken Duffey

August 2011

All Photos Copyright Ken Duffey