Sunday 1 September 2013

(all photos copyright Ken Duffey)

MAKS - from the riverside

Yak-130 from Irkutsk in Yakovlev house colours.





T-50/PAK FA low level turn....


Solo MiG-29UB of the Swifts aerobatic team.

Russian Knights Su-27's.

Russian Knights Su-27 singleton......

You can see how murky it was....

Airbus A380 dramatic display.

Mi-26T during a firefighting demo.

Ka-32 firefighter of MChS.

The 'opposition' moored across the riverbank.........

.... and leaving as another squall approached.

Dramatic shot of the Ostankino TV tower in the low cloud - taken from out hotel window in the early hours of Monday morning

© Ken Duffey September 2013