Monday 2 September 2013

(all photos copyright Ken Duffey)

A walk in the park......

View of VDNK Park from our window at the Cosmos Hotel - note the Ostankono TV tower still shrouded in low cloud.

Cosmos hotel - with its statue of Charles De Gaulle.

The 'Space Needle' and Ostankino TV tower.

Inside VDNK Park......


Vostok rocket.

The fountains were switched on as we walked back...

The main entrance to VDNK.

Monino Museum

Newly painted entrance.


BI-1 rocket fighter.

The mighty Mil V-12 - in the wrong colours!

Another mis-painted exhibit - the prototype T10 Flanker.

The B-25 Mitchell has a new paint finish.


MiG-21 'Analog' - testbed for the Tu-144 wing shape.

Tu-22M3 - still with the concrete blocks holding the nose down.


A new arrival - the prototype Yak-130.

It looks totally different to the production version.

Ka-25 ASW helicopter.

Yak-38 ..........

Yak-38M - note the differences.

The Yak-23 has a fresh coat of paint.

.... as has the Mi-24 'Hind-A'.

Newly unwrapped - Sukhoi Su-31 aerobatic machine.

The Kamov 'Sever-2' aerosleigh now has its skis fitted.

Scale replica of the ANT-25.

Sopwith Triplane.


Ilyushin Il-10 awaiting restoration.

Neat looking MiG-9.

Yak-141 Supersonic VTOL design.

Lavochkin's last fighter - the La-250 'Anakonda'.

Slightly more successful - the La-15 'Fantail'.

MiG Ye-152M painted as the record-breaking Ye-166.

Obligatory photo of the Sukhoi T4 'Sotka'.

Another wrongly-painted Flanker - the T10M prototype of the Su-35.

Tucked away in a corner - the Be-32 has had a lick of paint.

Recently finished main building at Monino.

Departing from nearby Chkalovsky - an Il-76 of the PLAAF - presumably the 1st August display team support aircraft.

© Ken Duffey September 2013