Friday 6 September 2013

(all photos copyright Ken Duffey)

China Aviation Museum - XiaoTangShan

Main entrance.

Airliners of the leaders.... Li-2.


Vickers Viscount.

Ilyushin Il-18.

Qing-6 - Beriev Be-6 re-engined with turboprops.

Tupolev Tu-2.

HD-5 - ECM variant of the Harbin H-5 (Il-28).

AWACS aircraft based on the Tu-4 with WJ-6 turboprops. It was never fitted with a working radar.

Tu-4 drone carrier.

Xian H-6 - based on the Tupolev Tu-16.

Harbin SH-5 flying boat.

Imposing museum building.

Su-27SK Flanker.

Chengdu J-10S two-seater.

Original prototype of the J-10.

Huge Xian JH-7 fighter bomber.

Lavochkin La-11 of Korean war vintage.

Remains of a USAF D-12 drone.

Tu-2 and D-12.

Wreckage from a US Navy RF-8 Crusader.

JH-7 from the balcony.


The Xian H-6 dominates the display area.

J-6 fighter.

Back outside - the Mil Mi-6

HS Trident.

Harbin Z-6 - Chinese attempt at a turbine Mi-4.

Harbin Z-5 - based on the Mi-4.

SAR variant of the Z-5.

Curtis C-46 Commando.

DHC-2 Beaver.

Not on view to the public - the Spitfire XVIe.

Viewed from the baclcony...

A closer look at the Spitfire.


Rare Lavochkin UTI La-9

Nanchang CJ-5 trainer.

The imposing entrance to the 'cavern'......


Shenyang J-8.

Nanchuan C-0101 in Taiwanese markings.

Curtis Hawk III fighter.

Another view of the Curtis Hawk.

JJ-5 trainer.

Nanchang K-8 jet trainer.

AH-64 Apache.

Rather poor replica of a P-40E.

An even poorer representaion of a DH Mosquito.

Pakistani F-86 Sabre.

Kawasaki K-48-II Type 99 bomber.


A new exhibit - ex-Zimbabwe AF Canberra.

Back outside in the sunlight - the huge Shenyang J-8.

Q-5 Fantan.

Fantan testbed .

J-7 fighter - based on the MiG-21 F-13

Another J-7.

MiG Alley - looking back along the row of MiGs - the white object on the right is the J-8.

Tupolev Tu-124 short haul airliner.

Ilyushi Il-12.

The vast expanse of the museum....

The pipes of Pan.

China's attempt at an indigenous jet fighter - the ill-fated Nanchang J-12.


Superb monument and eternal flame with guards.

MiG-19 variants - this one is a J-6 III

J-6 IV.

J-6 II Prototype.

'Standard' J-6 fighter.

Soviet MiG-19PM - used as a pattern aircraft for the missile-armed J-6B.

Shenyang J-6 III

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