Moscow Model Shops

I am always being asked for my experiences in shopping for models in Moscow, so here is my guide to the model shops I have visited...

Unless you have a private car/driver, the best way to get around Moscow is by Metro


This is probably the easiest to get to - especially if you are staying at the Cosmos Hotel.

It is located on the Third floor (e.g. counting the Ground Floor as the 'First') inside the former Olympic Stadium.

Opening time is 10.00 to 20.30 - 'without breaks and weekends' - so it implies that it is open on Sunday!!

To get there, take the Metro to Prospekt Mira on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya (Orange) or Kol'tsevaya (Brown) line and, once out of the station, head for the large stadium.

Circle the outside of the stadium until the smaller, circular building is directly behind you (the balloon shaped building on the map below - its roof 'dips' in the centre - you should be at the lowest point of the 'dip')........

The following map is from Club-TM's website and shows the entrance to the Olympic stadium as being No-7 or No-9 ..............

....but my photo below shows entrance number 8 !!! - so I have amended the above map accordingly.

Go in through entrance 8, through the double set of doors, turn right, then up a short flight of stairs on your left, turn right, up another short flight - and the shop is directly in front of you.

Club-TM is the largest 'proper' model shop I have been to in Moscow - with lots of variety on well-stocked shelves. They have racks full of books and magazines as well as the models.

One thing to note is that you do not take the bigger kits (things like the large Amodel boxes) from the shelves, but rather point out what you want to the staff at the counter and they will get the kit from the stockroom at the back.

I have always paid cash in Russian Roubles, but they do accept Credit Cards. The staff are friendly, but do not speak English.

After buying your goodies, you can examine them at your leisure at the small cafe bar just outside the shop.


This is a rather small shop - just a single small room - but prices are very competitive..

It is located inside a very anonymous looking building in the centre of a tram 'roundabout' near Sokolniki Park

Opening times are 11.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday and 11.00 to 15.00 on Saturday.

To get there, take the Metro to Sokol'niki on the Solol'nicheskaya (Red) line and, once out of the station head down the tree-lined boulevard and cross the road and walk between the two buildings full of shops.

Turn right at the end, cross over the tram lines in the road towards a building that looks like a blockhouse and go to the rear.

It looks very uninviting, but the entrance door will be open during opening hours...

This plaque at the entrance gives the name of the shop (which I can't decipher) and the opening times.....

Through the door, turn right into a dimly-lit small room stacked from floor to ceiling with model kits, accessories and magazines.

There is a MacDonalds opposite the Metro entrance - across the busy Rusakovskaya Ulitsa. If you are interested in history or culture, the large wooden building next to MacDonalds is Moscow's oldest Fire Station.


This was a new model shop for me - it is located in a busy side road called Nizh.Maslovka.

The shop opening time is 10.00 to 21.00.

The website map shows the nearest Metro as 'Saveslovskaya' on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya (Grey) line, but we went to Dynamo station on the Zamoskvoretskaya (Green) line.

From the Metro station, cross the Park Sportkompleksa Dinamo diagonally to the exit gates.

Then across a busy intersection (using the signalled crossings!) onto Ulitsa Nizh. Maslovka..........

....until you reach Number 18.....

At first sight, it looks like a model railway shop - which it is. But it is also well stocked with lots of model kits, books, magazines etc.

A thoroughly modern shop, well lit and laid out with lots of choice.

Mir Modelista

Another new Moscow model shop - a bit further from the centre and tucked away in a side street.

Opening time is 10.00 to 20.00.

To get there take the Sokol'nicheskaya (Red) line tp Park Kultury.

Exit the Metro station and go via the underpass along Ulitsa Ostozhenka - with the flyover to your right shoulder..........

When you see this prominent building on the opposite side of the road...........

......turn left into this street - Kropotkinskiy pereulok.......

.... and approach the yellow gate..........

Go through the small door in the yellow gate into the courtyard beyond and turn left.

The shop entrance is signposted with a red arrow - descend some steps into a well lit, well appointed shop.............

The shop is small, but reasonably well stocked. The staff were very friendly - one of whom spoke excellent English and made us very welcome.

The service was so good, that, having accidentally left one of our purchases behind, they arranged for it to be delivered to our hotel by their next customer, Andrei Kotkov (Mr Begemot) - so thanks Andrei and Mir Modelista.

Detski Mir

Detski Mire (Childrens World) is not really a model shop - but a large childrens department store selling models.

I have included it here for completeness.

It is located in Lubianka Square and the model department is (if I remember correctly) on the third floor........

Other model shops......

There used to be a small model shop just around the corner from the Central House of Aviation, but it is closed for refurbishment.

I will update this page when I hear of it being re-opened.

Models are also sold in the foyer of the Central Armed Forces Museum.

Moscow Model Club

Not really a model shop - but a model enthusiasts club where the cream of Moscow modellers, aviation writers and publishers meet.

It is located in rented offices on the ground (first) floor in a large 20-storey building that is the offices of the Molodaya Gvardya publishing house.

I was told that it opens from 16.00 to 19.00 on alternate Mondays. We visited on Monday 24 August, but I can't guarantee which Mondays !!!!

Take the Metro to Dmitrovskaya on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya (Grey) line.

Exit the Metro and walk along Butyrskaya ulitsa and turn left into Novodmitrovskaya ulitsa.

Continue down this street and go across the railway lines - the 20-storey building is on your left.

Enter the building through the plate glass doors, just before the building curves to follow the street, and once inside, turn right and you will find the Model Club.

An entrance fee of a few rubles is payable at the door - there are tables of goodies being sold by the enthusiasts/entrepeneurs inside - and a small cafe at the back in which to look at your purchases over a beer or coffee and a cake.

I think that just about covers the Moscow Modelling Scene. I will update this page as and when I get any further information.

My thanks to Jonathan Stilwell for navigating us around Moscow's Metro - and for taking the photos of the model shops.

Ken Duffey 2009