Lea Village, North Weald and Malmesbury

Some photos of a recent flight from Lea to North Weald and back - with views over Malmesbury
With thanks to Norman Haines.

Departure from Lea

Ready for takeoff from Lea International ....

Full power......

Royal Wooton Basset

Wroughton - with Ridgeway School in the centre.

Approaching North Weald.


Norman and his homebuilt Van's RV-9.

Skip the planes - take me to the photos of Lea.

Jaguar SS displayed by the local Jaguar Owners Club.

Vintage De Havilland DH.84 Dragon 2, EI-ABI  named  'IOLAR' of Aer Lingus.

North Weald resident Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb.

The Hurricane is part of the 'Hangar 11' collection at North Weald.

Douglas C-54 awaiting some TLC.

BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.81 in South Yemeni colours.

Enstrom 'Shark' helicopter.

Local resident BAC Jet Provost T.3

Mooney M.20M - note the unusual swept-forward fin.

Another Douglas C-54 awaiting attention.

North American AT-6D Texan - WWII Trainer.

Hungarian registered, Russian built Sukhoi Su-29 aerobatic aircraft.

Powered by a 360hp 9-cylinder radial engine.

From another era -  1937 Percival P-10 Vega Gull arriving.

Vintage Vega Gull.

1940 vintage Aeronca 11AC Chief.

Cessna 120 - from 1948.

De Havilland Canada Chipmunk in Portuguese markings.

DHC-1 Chipmunk.

Great Lakes 2T-1 Sport Trainer arriving.

The owner of the Great Lakes aircraft built it at home from plans.

Belgian-registered, Erco 415D Ercoupe, built in 1947.

German Bölkow 208C Junior.

Immaculate Beechcraft Model D17S Staggerwing in FAA colours.

The prototype Staggerwing first flew in 1932 - this one was built in 1943.

Visiting Westland Wasp shipborne anti-submarine helicopter.

Resident MD 902 Explorer Air Ambulance just landed.

No, not the Ministry of Silly Planes - but the only surviving Civilian Aircraft Company Coupé.

One of only five built - the 1929 vintage Coupé still flies on a 100hp 5-cylinder radial engine.

South Yemeni Strikemaster taxying out.

DH 84 Dragon operated by Aer Lingus. The type first flew in 1933.

Italian Siai Marchetti F260C taxying out for departure.......

.... as was this Miles M.38 Messenger 4B.

Auster Aiglet J5F.

1946 vintage Cessna 140.

Rearwin 8500 Sportster - first flown in 1935.

The Flight Home

Waiting on the runway threshold for an arriving Aeronca Chief.

Possibly RAF Benson........

.... definitely Didcot.

Foxhill livery stables, near Swindon (not a Roman Villa!)

Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

East Wichel, Swindon.

West Swindon and the Link Centre.

Aerial Photos of Lea

Approaching Lea Village.

Nearing Manor Farm.


Lea Church and Pembroke Green.

Looking down the Street.

Pembroke Green.

Pembroke Green......

.... with my car still on the drive.

Circling the Green.

Bakery Close in the centre.

Big Brother is watching you!!!

Along the Street.

Little Badminton Lane

Lea Primary School and St Giles Close.

St Giles Close.

Looking back up the Street.

Manor Farm.

Malmesbury and the new Waitrose Supermarket.

Panorama of Malmesbury.

Malmesbury Abbey.

An event happening on The Mead.

A closer look at the Abbey.

Dyson's factory.

Empty car park - with the Harrier still there......

..... at maximum zoom.

The airstrip at Charlton Park.

Approaching Lea International Airstrip.

All lined up......

... on finals....

..... nearly there.

Home sweet home.

I would like to express my thanks again to Norman for an excellent flight.
© Ken Duffey

June 2014