PZL M-15
Designed by PZL Mielec, the M-15 'Belphegor' was to have replaced the An2 in the cropduster role.
With its combination of an AL-25 jet engine and biplane wings, the Belphegor was able to carry
five times the load of a 'standard' cropduster.

The following photographs were taken by me and may not be used without my express permission.

Original prototype M-15 at Krakow museum. Note the short nose.

Krakow prototype.

Note the engine intake above the fuselage and the two large
chemical hoppers.

Another view of the Krakow machine.

Side view of the same machine.

Another view of the prototype.

Another M-15 - this time at a Technical School in Budapest.
Note the elongated nose and strakes on this machine.

Side view of the Budapest machine.

Another shot of the Budapest M-15.

Looking down from a ladder onto the M-15.

This M-15 is in a museum at Ulyanovsk.

The Ulyanovsk M-15 appears to have a bigger nosewheel.

Starboard side of the M-15 at Ulyanovsk

PZL M-15 languishing in the long grass at Monino.

The same machine photographed on a sunny day at Monino.