Sukhoi Su-33 (Flanker-D)

The following photographs are the copyright of Ken Duffey - and may not be used without permission.

Su-33 at MAKS 07 being inspected by a Chinese delegation!

All folded up.

Rear end - note the raised tailboom tip with flattened underside mounting the arrestor hook.

The aircraft is configured for the strike role - with two S-8 80mm rocket launchers on the port wing,

two S-25-OFM 340mm rockets on the starboard wing - both sets on twin launch rails. It also carries

a 'Sorbtsya' ECM pod on each wingtip plus two short-range R-73 missiles for self-defence.

The compressed air bottle for emergency undercarriage extension does not appear to be connected!

Starboard canard and shoulder mounting.

Port fin tip from the 'outside'....

....and from the 'inside.

From the rear.

Rudder & hinges - note the 'Su' logo.

Flap detail on port wing.

Drooped, inner, two-section flap on folded wing.

Outer section of flap is less drooped.

Flap section on fixed part of port wing.

Retracted IFR probe.

Starboard mainwheel leg and locking mechanism. Note the tie-down rings on the leg.

Closer view of the locking gear - more exposed than on land-based Flankers.

Note also the brake pipework on the mainwheel and the silver quadrant extension indicator.

Closeup of the pipework on the starboard mainwheel.

Closeup of the downlock mechanism on the port leg.

Port mainwheel - note the holes in the hub for brake cooling.

The mainwheel leg on the Su-33 is beefed up - and is 'fatter' than the land-based version.

A closer look at the tire.

The Su-33 twin nosewheel unit is different to the other twin-wheel types.

Note the angled steering rams and 'traffic light' lamps.

Closer look at the steering rams and pipework - note the tie-down ring.

Simple FOD guard on nosewheel.

Jet exhaus nozzle - note the paint overspray on this demo bird!

View up inside the nozzle showing the afterburner flameholder.

Port wing with S-8 80mm rocket launchers on twin pylon.

Rear end of the S-8 rocket pod.

Starboard wing with two S-25-OFM 340mm rockets - also on twin pylon adapter.

Closeup of the S-25 heavy rockets.

'Sorbtsya' ECM pods on wingtips in place of missile rail.

Tailboom 'stinger' with arrestor hook......

Folding tailplane.......

Horizontal tailplane (stabilator) actuating mechanism cover.....

Wingfold - note the missile pylon attachments.

Inner slat on 'fixed' section of wing - note slot at the root.

Two-section trailing edge flap on starboard wing

Front office of a Su-33 - please excuse my knees!!

© Ken Duffey

June 2008