Sukhoi Su-9 Fishpot-B
& Su-11 Fishpot-C
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Ken Duffey

Su-9 Fishpot-B, Khodynka, Moscow.

Su-9, Khodynka.

Close-up of delta wing.

Su-9, Monino museum, Moscow. 

Su-9, Monino.

Su-9, Monino. Note RS-2US (AA-1 'Alkali') misiles.

Su-9, Monino. Note gun blast panel - but no cannon armament fitted !

Nose profile of Su-9 - compare with Su-11 below.

Su-11 Fishpot-C, Monino. Note bigger nose intake, bigger nosewheel & bulge on nosewheel door. 

Su-11, Monino.

Su-11, Monino. Note R-8 (AA-3 'Anab') missiles.

Su-11, Monino. Note bigger nose intake & cable ducts on fuselage.

Su-11, Monino.