Tupolev Tu-144

Tu-144 - 04-1 (77106) at Monino. After being completely redesigned from the original
prototype (68001), this aircraft began regular cargo flights in Aeroflot service on 26 December 1975,
between Moscow and Alma Ata. It flew the 3,260km (2,026 mile) sector regularly in less than
the scheduled 2hr total block time.  

Tu-144 - 06-1 (77110) photographed at a museum in Ulyanovsk.
It wears the 'buzz' number 345 for the 1977 Paris air show.

Rear end of 77110 - note the large expanse of elevon.



Front view of 77110 - note the Paris number - 345.

Front end of 77110.

These are photos taken by me of the Tu-144LL supersonic testbed funded by NASA.
Changes from the 'old' Tu-144 include replacing the Kolesov engines with
Kuznetsov NK-321 engines as used in the Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber.
It has now completed its 32 scheduled flights and sits idle - awaiting further funding.

Tu-144LL pictured at Zhukovsky 1997.

Tu-144LL - Note the swept-back canards.

Close-up of the deployed canards - complete with their own flaps !

Note the complex wing shape.

Close-up of the tail - note the metal skinning on the underside of the rear fuselage.

Rear view - note the drooped elevons.