Tuesday 28 September 2010


A quick photo out of the hotel window before we set off - showing the market opening up for the day.

The front entrance to the repair facility - Odesaviaremservis.

A bust of the founder of the site in 1913 - Artur Antonovich Anatra .....

.... and a replica of one of his more sucessful design - the Anatra Anasal

This is what we had come to see! - upgraded Yemeni MiG-21bis, with MiG-23 airframes in the background.

A closer look at the Yemeni Air Force MiG-21bis. Note that it lacks an ejection seat.

Immaculate Angolan MiG-23UB - also minus its ejection seats.

MiG-23UB - with two L-39's awaiting repair in the background.

One of the Egyptian AF MiG-21UM's that were 'uncovered' for us to photograph.

Egyptian AF MiG-21MF - it looks like it is minus it's engine by the tail up stance.

Another shot of the MiG-21MF.

L-39 Albatros awaiting work.

Rather dilapidated Sukhoi Su-17UM3.

Weather-beaten MiG-21MF in Ukrainian markings.

Camouflaged L-39.

Forlorn looking MiG-29 - with Guards badge below the cockpit.

This L-39 was being worked on inside a shelter - more on him later......

We were shown inside one of the repair workshops - to see this MiG-21UM...

.... and this Yemeni MiG-21bis

Can you see what it is yet ??? - L-39 of the 'Baltic Bees' aerobatic team under wraps.

Sights of Odessa

War memorial on the banks of the Black Sea.

Young volunteers stand vigil at the memorial.....

... and change guard every 15 minutes.

Final visit of the day before boarding our flight back to Kiev.