Wednesday 29 September 2010

15th Aviation Transport Brigade, Borispol, Kiev

Antonov An-30 used as an 'Open Skies' aircraft.

An-30 - where's that Amodel kit ???

Smart looking An-26 of the Transport Regiment.

An-24B looking rather nice.....

Tupolev Tu-134A-3 - note the 'Balkany' HF antenna on the aft fuselage.

Mi-8MT looking rather smart.

Early Mi-8 'Salon' variant - note the rectangular windows.

Early Mi-8T with rather faded paintwork.....

Another Hip - this time a Mi-8MT.

Not part of the Aviation Brigade - this Genex An-26B was sat on the top ramp area.

Another 'visitor' - a Tu-154B-2.

More 'squatter' airframes - Tu-154, Il-76's & An-12.

Dassault Falcon 20E and Yak-40 of Aerostar Airlines.

Transport Brigade An-30 - note how the tow bar accomodates the undernose radome.

More An-30's - with and without radomes.

Faded An-26.

Even more faded Tu-134.

This Mi-8MTV was being worked on - all opened up.

Great Patriotic War Museum, Kiev

Soviet T-62 tank acting as Gate Guard at the Museum.

Lisunov L-2 (Licence-built DC-3) - part of the small aircraft collection.

MiG-17 is spurious camouflage.


This MiG-23 was opened up for inspection - for a small fee.........

..... which I took advantage of.

All the exhibits in the park have been repainted in this ficticious colour scheme - including this Yak-9.

RSD-10 'Pioneer' IRBM - NATO SS-20 Saber.

200 ft tall 'Rodina Mat' (Mother Motherland) statue in the middle of Victory Park.

Statues commemorating the Great Patriotic War.

Mi-24 on the way out........

.... looking down from the ramparts onto the aviation exhibits.

MiG-23 now opened for viewing.

Statue to the Viking founders of Kiev in the park.

We stopped to photograph this steam locomotive on the way back to the hotel....