Thursday 30 September 2010

Vasilkov Air Base.

Aero L-39 'Albatros' trainer.


MiG-29 9-13 in 'Ukrainian Falcons' colours.

MiG-29 cockpit.

L-39 cockpit.

K-36 ejection seat........

..... with a poster showing its operation.

Memorial to the fallen at the base.

MiG-19 Gate Guard.

Base Commander, liaison officer and our tour group leader pose for photos.


MiG-29PF on a pole near the base.

.... from a different angle...

State Aviation Museum, Zhulaniy

National Aviation University badge at the entrance to the museum...

Panoramic view at the entrance.

This Beriev Be-6 'Madge' is a recent addition.

Its replacement - the Be-12 'Chaika' (Seagull) - NATO 'Mail'

Prototype Backfire - Tu-22M0.

Tu-22M2 - 'Backfire-B'

Tu-22M3 - 'Backfire-C'

Mi-14BT - 'Haze-A' minesweeping variant.

Mi-14PL 'Haze-B' - ASW variant.

Kamov Ka-27PL - 'Helix-A' shipborne ASW helicopter.......

..... and its predecessor - the Ka-25PL 'Hormone-A'.

Tu-142 VPMK - 'Bear-F Mod 4' ASW version.

Mi-6 'Hook'

Mi-1 'Hare'

Il-76 'Candid'.

Freshly repainted Mi-24 'Hind-A'

Interesting cutaway MiG-25.

This MiG-17 was being worked on - but I'm not convinced by the colour scheme - nor the star on the fin!!

Ubiquitous An-2 'Colt'

Sukhoi Su-20 'Fitter-C'

Il-18 'Coot'

Su-17UM 'Fitter-E'

MiG-29 painted up to represent the 'Ukrainian Tridents' aerobatic team.

AviaArktika Il-12.

The Su-15 Flagon has had a new coat of paint since I last saw it....

This immaculate Tu-104 dominates the entrance area.

Anatra Anasal biplane.

MiG-21PFM 'Fishbed-F'.

MiG-23BM - 'Flogger-D'

Mi-26 'Halo'

Yak-28U 'Maestro'

Su-24 'Fencer'

Unmanned Aerial Target M-21 - (MiG-21E, Type 94M)

Antonov An-181 - experimental channel wing aircraft that never flew

I caught this An-74 taxying past at Zhulaniy airport next door....

M-21 drone again - note the flare brackets over the jetpipe.

Yak-38U in front of the huge Ilyushin Il-86 prototype.