Friday 1 October 2010

Bila Tservka

MiG-21PF on a pole outside Bila Tservka (White Church).

Another shot of the MiG-21PF

Tu-16 memorial.

Another shot of the Tu-16.

L-39 in the aircraft graveyard at Bila Tservka

Some people will do anything to get a photo.........

Line up of derelict Su-24's

T-34 tank memorial on the way back to Kiev.

Mi-8 Salon on the way back.....

Chaika Sports Airfield

Yak-52 at Chaika.


More Yaks in the hangar.

Antonov An-28.

Superb Mil Mi-8MTV1 belonging to Ukrainian Helicopters - note the additional fuel tanks.

Obligatory An-2

Colourful An-2.

Another Mi-8MTV1 with auxiliary fuel tanks.

Smarter looking An-2

The pilots were less than complimentary about this Maule


Smart Mi-2

Watch out for this An-2...........