Flying with Team Rus - 1998.
Note on these photographs. All photographs are the property of Ken Duffey - except the air-to-air shots of aircraft number six - which were taken by my 'wingman' Richard and any that are otherwise captioned.
They may not be used without my permission.

'My' L-39 - tail number 6.

My Pilot - Sergei Bondarenko.

Instrument Panel on L-39.

Strapped in & ready to go ! - Photo courtesy Mort Stanley.

Takeoff - my 'wingman' Richard in number 30.

Richard's photo of me at the same moment !

Airborne - and in  formation.

Me & Sergei - from Richard's plane.

We really were that close !

Me & Sergei.

Richard & his pilot.

Almost finished the first circuit.

Banking round.

Richard's picture of me about to take a picture of him !

Now we take the lead !

Steady !

Approaching the airfield on our first circuit.

Overflying the 'clubhouse'.

Just before we separated to go our own way.

My certificate presented after the flight.

The Team Rus brochure.

Team Rus brochure - Sergei is 5th from the top left.