Flying with Team Rus - 1999.
Note on these photographs. All photographs are the property of Ken Duffey - except any that are otherwise captioned.
They may not be used without my permission.

Rolling three-abreast. This is the a/c to my right.

And his photo of me. Photo courtesy Howard Mason.

On climbout - Photo courtesy Howard Mason.

Howard in number 3.

L-39 number 4.

Number 4 tucking in.

In formation.

View to my left.

And to my right front.

Loose formation.

Plan view of Team Rus L-39 Albatros - taken at the Maks 99 airshow later that week.

Formation flying - Photo courtesy Howard Mason.

Starting to close up ! - Photo courtesy Mortt Stanley.

Say cheese ! - Photo courtesy Mort Stanley.

Good formation view - and I am in number 5 looking the wrong way !  Photo courtesy Howard Mason.