RAF BoB Memorial 2016

A photo essay of Kay and Ken's visit to the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial

 at Capel le Ferne - plus Folkestone, Dover and Dungeness.

Early morning view from the B&B near Hawkinge.

Folkestone in the distance.

Arriving at the Battle of Britain Memorial.

Pilot statue in the middle of the 'propeller'.

Squadron badges surrounding the pilot.

Pilot statue looking out to sea......

More squadron badges.

Lone Vigil.

Poem on the Memorial Wall.

View out to the Channel across the site.

Centrepiece of the Memorial Wall.

The Memorial Wall - listing all the aircrew who took part in the Battle of Britain.

Famous names......Douglad Bader....

........Geoffrey Wellum.

RAF Standard.

Model of the site in the entrance hall - numbers 17 are the mounds for the original AA gun emplacements.
The pilot statue is in the middle of the propeller.

Replica Hawker Hurricane Mk I - in the markings of 56 Squadron.

Replica Supermarine Spitfire Mk I - in the markings of 65 Squadron.

The two main defenders during the BoB - Spitfire and Hurricane.

Sleak all-metal Spitfire.

Chunky fabric-covered Hurricane.

R.J Mitchell's Spitfire.

Sir Sidney Camm's Hurricane.


Spitfire and Hurrican posed as if at dispersal - awaiting a 'Scramble'!! 

One of the mounds of the former AA gun battery.

The main building and the Memorial Wall.

Head-on view of the Spitfire - showing its narrow track undercarriage.

Looking down from the balcony at the site layout model.

View from the main building terrace.

Replica Spitfire and Hurricane.

Parting shot of the ever-vigilant pilot.

Dover visit

St Margaret's Bay, Dover - looking east........

..... and west towards Dover.

Bay front - looking east towards Noel Cowards house.

Not a Russian warship in sight..

Houses formerly belonging to Noel Coward - and Ian Fleming.

Looking west.

Closer view of the 'famous' houses.

Moody blue.

Eastern cliffs.

Dinosaur droppings ??

Kay - pretending to be an estate agent.

Full survey included.

Thorough inspection.....

All done ???

Cliff and Bryan.

The old Coast Guard station restaurant - where we had lunch.

Look to the west......

A glut of cross-channel ferries.

St Margaret's Bay, Dover.

Western end of the bay........

..... with this strange memorial.

... to Eve Raby. One theory is that she may have been a cat!

Louis Bleriot memorial, Dover Castle.

Memorial stone to Frenchman Louis Bleriot at Dover Castle.

The spot where he landed - on 25 July 1909. Which prompted the comment - 'England is no longer an Island'.

Silhouette of Dover Castle.

Samphire Hoe.

Plaque describing Samphire Hoe - land reclaim using the waste from digging the Channel Tunnel.

Offical limk :- http://www.samphirehoe.com/uk/home/

Looking east from Samphire Hoe.

The vehicular entrance tunnel - with the railway tunnels to the left.

Old replica wooden lighthouse.

Ferries in Dover Harbour.

Looking west along the breakwater towards Folkestone.

I think that's Dungeness on the horizon.

The sun - not shining on the righteous.

Back at the B&B early evening.....

The Daily Llamas in the field next door.



Bleak shingle beach at Dungeness - Kay's photos ('cos my camera battery was dead!)

Old Coast Guard lookout.

New lighthouse.

Loudspeakers - at the old Decca expermental station.

View out to sea.

Not a bad photo........

The Old Lighthouse, Dungeness.

Old Coast Guard lookout.

New lighthouse.

Old monuments - with the light now dimmed.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch engine waiting to depart.

This engine is named 'Hurricane'.

Carriages awaiting departure....

Almost time.....

.... ready for the driver....

.... all aboard!!!.....

.... and away she goes.

Kay and Hurricane - about to play chicken!

Ken Duffey - October 2016