Piaggio P.180 Avanti

Amodel Avanti

Box art showing the Spanish registered Avanti

Fuselage sprue.

Wings and tailplanes.

Interior floor and bulkheads - plus wheel bays.

Engine nacelles and propellers - plus foreplanes and ventral fins.

Cabin and crew seats, mainwheels and aerials.

Clear canopy and windows.

Decal sheet - charter EC-LPJ and Italian Marina options.

Construction diagram showing fully detailed interior - I left out the cabin seats as they would not be seen.

Paint diagram for EC-LPJ..........

.... and for an Italian Marina example.

I fitted the clear windows - and blanked them off inside.

Cockpit interior - note the filled-in windows.

Engine components and finished nacelle.

Cockpit glazing added and masked - cabin windows filled for a smoother finish.

Wings and engine nacelles.

Finished model - cabin windows are black decals printed with an inkjet printer onto clear decal film.

Size comparison with Beech Starship - also by Amodel.....

Starship.... 6 passengers + 2 crew, max speed 385mph, range 1,742 miles - all composite
Avanti... 7-9 passengers + 1 crew, max speed 460mph, range 1,738 miles -        all metal

A late addition - the tailcone mounted whip aerial.


Ken Duffey

Nov 2017