Trumpeter Su-33

Trumpeter box art - Su-33 on the prowl.

The kit parts are exactly the same as in Trumpeter's J-15 kit - so I won't repeat them here.

The painting.....

.... and decal placement guide for two options.

Plus the weapons painting and decal guide.

I am making Bort 88 - the only Su-33 fitted with an experimental built-in boarding ladder.

A section of the port side LERX is cut out to make the ladder recess...

I'm also making it all folded up - but Trumpeter don't include the folded inner flaps and slats - so they need to be cut away.

The tailcone also folds up - so that is cut away as well.

Ladder recess.

Flaps and slats modified to droop.

Drooped flaps and open tailcone detail.
Ken Duffey

June 2016