Model Submarines
 Submarine models in 1:350 Scale








USS Gato Kilo Class SSK HMS Trafalgar SSN Le Triomphant SSBN Type XXI U-Boat I-400 Class
Type 033G Wuhan Class
USS Virginia SSN Yuri Dolgoruky SSBN HMS Vanguard SSBN Surcouf
Type XVII U-Boat
Type 039G Song Class
USS Maryland SSBN Soviet K Class HMS Astute SSN
Type IXC U-Boat

Type 091 Han Class SSN
USS Chicago SSN
Soviet S Class HMS Odin

USS Sturgeon SSN Soviet SHCH Class HMS M.1

USS Grayback SSG Alfa Class SSN HMS Splendid

USS Halibut SSGN Severodvinsk SSN HMS Meteorite

USS Thresher SSN Whiskey Long Bin SSG HMS K4 / K5

USS Nautilus SSN November Class SSN HMS K26

USS Skipjack SSN Victor III Class SSN HMS X.1

USS Tunny SSG Akula II Class Gepard SSN HMS M.1 Mikro-Mir

US Nuclear Attack Subs Oscar II Class SSGN HMS Spartan

USS Skate SSN Juliett Class SSG HMS Resolution/Repulse

USS L. Mendel Rivers SSN Delta IV Class SSBN HMS Holland

USS George Washington SSBN Typhoon Class SSBN HMS Upholder - 1942

USS Menhaden SS-377
Whiskey III Class SSK
HMS Upholder - 1990

USS Cusk SSG-348
Foxtrot Class SSK
HMS K12 & K22

USS Daniel Webster SSBN
Project 673
HMS Tabard

USS Seawolf SSN-21
Project 1710 Mackerel
HMS Oberon/Opossum

USS Seawolf SSN-575
Golf I Class
HMS Venturer

USS Halibut SSN-587 with DDS
Project 628

USS Albacore AGSS-569
Delta IV Class SSBN-Zvezda

USS Parche SSN-683

USS Sealion LPSS-315

USS Albacore AGS-569 MikroMir

USS Growler SSG 577

USS Parche SSN-683 (Early)

HMS Trafalgar

HMS Trafalgar SSN - Airfix kit


HMS Vanguard

HMS Vanguard SSBN - Bronco Models kit


HMS Astute

HMS Astute SSN - Hobby Boss 1:350 scale kit.

HMS Astute SSN

HMS Astute.


   Kilo Class

Russian 'Kilo' class SSK - Bronco Models.

Kilo Class SSK.

Kilo Class.


USS Gato - 1941

USS Gato 1941 configuration - AFV Club kit.

USS Gato 1941.

USS Gato - SS-212.


USS Virginia

USS Virginia SSN-774 - Bronco Models kit.

USS Virginia.

USS Virginia.


Le Triomphant

Hobby Boss Le Triomphant SSBN


USS Maryland

CyberHobby USS Maryland SSBN


USS Chicago

CyberHobby USS Chicago SSN



Hobby Boss Surcouf.

The model is painted as per 1941 - when the MB-411 seaplane wan't carried.


Borei Class Yuri Dolgoruky

Bronco Models Yuri Dolgoruky - Borei class SSBN


Soviet Type K

K Class box art.

Instruction sheet.

Kit parts.


Soviet Type S

AMP Box Art

Instruction sheet

Kit parts.


Soviet Type SHCH

SHCH Class Box Art.

Kit parts.


Alfa Class

Alfa Box art

Instruction sheet

Project 705K 'Alfa' kit parts. Note the five etched-brass blades for the propeller - that should be fun!

Russian Project 705K Alfa..


USS Sturgeon

Sturgeon Class box art.

Instruction sheet.

Sturgeon kit parts - nice decal sheet.

USS Sturgeon


Yasen Class Severodvinsk

Hobby Boss 'Yasen Class' - Russian SSN 'Severodvinsk'.


USS Grayback

Pit Road resin kit - USS Grayback - SSG 574


USS Halibut

Pit Road resin kit - USS Halibut SSGN-587


Whiskey 'Long Bin'

Pit Road resin kit - Soviet Whiskey Long Bin SSG


USS Thresher

Thresher box art.

Instruction sheet.

Kit parts.

Micro-Mir Models USS Thresher - SSN-593


November Class

  Zvezda Models K-3 November Class


USS Nautilus

Micro Mir USS Nautilus

Etched Brass detail, decal sheet and front page of instruction sheet.

Injection-moulded sail, scopes and diving planes, etched decking and instructions.

Two halves of hull.

Decking inside sail.

3-part sail completed, hull cemented together, rear dive planes, etched-brass decking and forward sonar dome added

Adding the etched-brass handrails to the sail.

Filling the step between the etched decking and the plastic hull.

Nearly finished........

Micro-Mir USS Nautilus SSN-571


Victor III Class

Hobby Boss Victor III Class


Akula II Class

Bronco Models Akula II 'Gepard'.


HMS Odin

HMS Odin - Pit Road 1/350 scale


Oscar II Class

Hobby Boss Oscar II Class SSGN..

Upper and lower hull parts - with cutouts for the cruise missile tubes.

Two of the four sprues containing the launch tubes and SS-N-19 'Granit' cruise missiles.

Inserts for the launch tube bays.

Remaining sprue containing missile bay doors, conning tower, dive planes, propellors etc.

Painting guide - the white callout for the missile bay doors is wrong!

Decal sheet and etched-brass fret - decals are for K-141 Kursk only - and the long white waterline is not included.

3-part missile tube and SS-N-19 missile.

Alternate tops for the sail are provided - open and closed.

Port side missile bay - with six tubes fitted.

Two open showing SS-N-19 missiles - four with closed caps.

This is what they look like fitted into the upper hull - all a bit simplified.

Plastic and etched-brss propellers.

Detail added to missile bay.

Almost ready for painting.

Ready for the decals.

Corrected propellers
USS Skipjack

USS Tunny

AFV Club Gato-class 1943 hull - with deck extension from plastic card.

The 'sail' is from the AFV Club 'USN Guppy 1B Clas Sub' - the cylindrical hangar is from a pipette.

Deck extension starboard side

Port side complete.

Recess cut out for the hangar.....

... and test fitted

Painted with Halfords rattle cans - Rover Tempest Grey and Gloss Black. Pennant numbers from spare decals.

Scratch-building the Regulus I missile and launch rail.

Missile temporarily in place.

Finished model

US Nuclear Attack Submarines

USS Virginia, USS Chicago, USS Sturgeon, USS Thresher, USS Skipjack, USS Nautilus.

USS Nautilus SSN-571

USS Skipjack SSN-585

USS Thresher SSN-593

USS Sturgeon SSN-637

USS Chicago SSN-721 (Los Angeles Class)

USS Viginia SSN-774


USS Skate

Micro Mir USS Skate.

Box art.

History and painting guide.

Construction diagram.

Hull parts.

Conning tower/sail, dive planes, periscopes etc

Etched brass decking, props, mooring cleats, safety rails etc - plus white pennant numbers

Ready for painting.....

Finished model.....


USS L. Mendel Rivers

Micro-Mir USS L Mendel Rivers box art.

The kit is the USS Sturgeon with a new sprue for the Dry Deck Shelter (DDS) fitted to this sub.

Finished Model

Scratch-built Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC) with SEALS.

Another view of the CRRC.


Whiskey III Class

Micro-Mir Soviet Project 613 Whiskey III class box art.

Standard Micro-Mir kit - with nice injection-moulded parts and etched brass for the decking and details - plus decal sheet.

Finished model.


Type XVIIB U-Boat

Test shot of the Micro-Mir German Type XVII Coastal Submarine.

USS George Washington

Box art for the Micro-Mir 1/350 scale George Washington.

Instruction sheet.

Assembly diagram.

Decal sheet - with markings for all five of the class.

Micro-Mir USS George Washington test shot - essentially a lengthened Skipjack hull with a new missile decking.

Test fitting the new missile decking.

The real SSBN is a lengthened Skipjack hull - here's a comparison with Micro-Mir's Skipjack.

Ready for painting.

Finished model.......


Juliett Class

Japanese resin kit of the Soviet 'Juliett' Class from Seawolf models.

Resin Juliett Class sub.

Drilling out the rear of the missile bays.

The unmodified front missile launcher bays.

The right side opened up.

One launch tube opened up with dummy SS-N-3 missile made from plastic rod.

Rear doors added to missile launch tubes.

Rear caps added to raised aft missile launch tubes.

Front retracted missile launch tubes.

Guard rails added from thin plastic rod.

Rear guard rails.

Finished model.

Closer view of the raised missile tubes - with one SS-N-3 'Shaddock' missile ready to launch

Size comparison to a Typhoon and WWII Type XXI.

Sizr comparison to USS Skate.


Resin kit of HMS M1 from Czech company ROP O.S.

Resin, etched-brass and decals for M1 - they also do M2 & M3.

Prop shafts, diving planes & rudder added.

Dozens of free-flood holes drilled out.

Finished model.


HMS M.1 - Mikro-Mir

Box art.

Kit contents

Construction Diagram

Colour schemes for two versions

To cater for different versions (M1/M2/M3) the superstructure is a separate part.....

..... which means that there is a join line to fill.

Hull assembled and etched brass added....

The bilge keels were problematic - being very flexible and awkward to locate straight.

Finished Model

I decided to finish the model as HMS M2 - prior to her conversion into an aircraft carrier.

Decals are from the spares box - white on black to get the shadow.

Resin M1 and Micro Mir M2 together.


Delta IV Class

Alanger injection moulded kit of the Soviet Delta IV Class.

Filler is needed to eliminate the joins....

..... after a few sanding sessions.

The inserts for the forward diving planes needed filling - as does the join for the upper missile compartment & sail.

A coat of grey primer reveals more work needed on the rear upper deck join - and the intake/exhaust baffles.

Allanger Delta IV alongside the Hobby Boss Typhoon.

Biting the bullet..... incorrectly placed dive planes removed, sail top rounded off and Milliput used to make a better nose.

After the first (of probably many) sanding sessions

Bow sanded down satisfactorily, keel beams and torpedo loading hatches added.......

..... and end-plates fitted to diving planes and lower rudder.

Finished Delta IV - named after the City of Ekaterinburg

This view shows the modified bow - and added keel beams.

I think Allanger have got the props the right way round(?)

Reporting for duty, Kommander!

Typhoon Class

Hobby Boss Typhoon Class SSBN - box art, painting guide, instruction sheet and decals.

Upper and lower hull halves.

There are four of these sprues containing the missile tubes, missiles and doors - 24 in total.

Conning tower (sail?), props, rudder, dive planes and two alternate tops for the 'sail'.

Alternate etched-brass propellers.


Parts for the 'working' bow planes.

Modified to allow them to be slotted in place later.

Twenty-four missile tubes being lined up........

.... by temporarily putting the upper hull in place.

Plastic card and I-section bulkheads to fill in the gaps.

Slightly modified arrangement.

Upper hull and one hatch temporarily in place

Plastic card - to make the hatches flush.

The propellers must be added before the hull halves are joined.

Masked, painted - masking removed...

The white waterline is maybe a tad too wide??

Parts for the missile tube hatches - note the drille-out holes.

Correctly orientated etched propellers.

Finished model....

Size comparison

Model comparison - Alanger Typhoon by whitestar12chris at top - Hobby Boss kit at bottom - note the differences.

The Alanger kit is slightly longer - and the sail is central on the flat decking.
Chris has modified the Alanger kit to incorporate the missile tubes and towed sonar array.

Type XXI U-Boat

German Type XXI - Dragon/DML kit


HMS Splendid

HMS Splendid is a Swiftsure Class SSN that preceded the Trafalgar Class
It is converted from the Airfix HMS Trafalgar kit - with the hull shortened by 7mm.

Upper hull halves re-joined.......

.... and strengthened on the inside.

Lower hull halves shortened and attached.

Finished model - the upper rudder is shortened and the single vent below the sail is replaced by two smaller vents.

Note the two smaller vents on the hull below the sail.

All the Swiftsure Class boats were fitted with a shrouded propulsor.

Comparison photo of Swiftsure and Trafalgar Class

USS Menhaden

The 'Yellow Submarine' - decomisioned and painted yellow for the Naval Underwater Systems Center.

Made from two AFV kits - hull from GUPPY 1B and sail from GUPPY II kit.


USS Cusk

Box art for the 1943 version of the AFV Club kit.

All these parts are common across all versions - except the upper hull.

Common sprue at top - sprue for the 1943 version at bottom.

Etched brass and 'generic' decals.

Upper and lower hull parts - including a pressure hull which is hidden.

Cutting away the rear of the conning tower.......

.... to a new shape.

Carving the hangar from an 8mm plastic knitting needle.

Temporarily tacked in place.

Test fit.....

Making the launch ramp.... (with a bit of artistic licence)...

Almost ready for painting.

KGW 'Loon' carved from sprue, rod and plastic sheet.

Assembled Loon - wingspan is 15mm.

All the main components in place.

Ready for final assembly.

Finished model.......


HMS Meteorite

Box Art.

This is the same kit as the Type XVIIB U-Boat - with a new conning tower.

Instruction sheet and tiny decals.

Finished model - all of 12cm long!

A sailor on deck for a size comparison.

Foxtrot Class

Soviet Foxtrot Class SSK - in service with Ukraine named Zaporizhzhia.

Hull parts.

Remaining plastic parts and etched-brass fret.

Painting guide and decals sheet offering 5 options.

Hull, conning tower and rear diving planes assembled - etched brass decking being added.

Finished Model

Ukrainian Submarine 'Zaporizhzhia'.

Type IXC U-Boat

Hobby Boss kit box art.

Finished model


British K-Class Submarine

Mikro-Mir box art.

Construction diagram - note the etched parts in red.

Painting instructions, etched brass and decals for HMS K4 and K5

Hull parts - nearly 1 foot in length!

The rest of the injection-moulded parts.

Hull and superstructure assembled - etched brass parts added.

The etched brass rectangles are the covers on the beam torpedo tubes.

Finished Model

This is one of the best kits yet from Mikro-Mir.

Great decals, nice etched brass, delicate injection moulding.

In steam.....



K26 had a 4m longer hull - 114mm in 1/350 scale. Here the Mikro-Mir K4 hull is cut into two sections to get
the right scale length and the upperworks have been removed.

Plastic card strips used to joind the two halves of the hull back together.

View of the hull interior showing the plastic card strips used to join the hull halves.

Gaps filled with plastic card.

After two sessions of filling and sanding - it still needs a bit more work!

New casing made from square section plastic rod - incorporating the kit funnel moulding.

Temporary test fit.

Plastic card profile for the new raised bows.......

,,,, and the first rough application of Milliput.

The taller, open, bridge is made by wrapping a shaped piece of thin plastic card around the kit part.

New bridge temporarily placed on the casing.

The first sanding down of the Milliput shows that I haven't made shape bulbous enough. Need to add another layer of Milliput!

Another layer of Milliput - to 'bulge' out the top sides. Six torpedo tubes added.

K-26 has a bigger fixed part of the rudder - added from plastic card.

New Milliput sanded to shape - ready for a primer coat.

Doors and railings added to casing. The rear end of the bridge is modified and I'm using the kit 'roof' part as a locating ledge.

Bridge and casing - also ready for a primer coat.

Making the gun emplacements - A shaped former top left, curved paper template at right and shaped floor.
The finished 'tub' is at the bottom.......

... now all I have to do is make 2 more!

Finished Model

K4 at top, K26 below - not to the same scale! - K26 is 11.4 mm longer

PLAN Type 033G 'Wuhan' Class

Hobby Boss box art

Vertically split hull halves

Other sprues - note the new conning tower, missiles and launch tubes plus missile decking on lower sprue.

Etched brass and decals.

A section of the hull has to be cut away to fit the new missile decking.

Finished Model

PLAN Type 039G Song Class SSK

Hobby Boss box art

Simple parts and decal sheet.

Painting guide.

Finished Model


PLAN Type 091 Han Class SSN

Hobby Boss Box Art

Painting guide.

Finished Model.


Japanese I-400 Class

Tamiya box art showing I-400 with all three of her floatplanes

Upper and lower hull with hangar deck and conning tower.

The rest of the plastic sprues - with parts 4 X Folded or 2 X Unfolded wings.

Nameplates, flags and decals.

Etched steel fret - with plenty of spares.

20-page instruction booklet.

Back cover showing painting guide.

Finished Model


    HMS X.1

Drawing scanned and sized to 1/350 scale - outline shape cut from 3mm thick white plastic card.

X.1 outline compared to Mikro-Mir K4 kit hull. X.1 is 7m longer and .09m wider.
In 1/350 scale thats 31.65cm long and 2.59 cm wide.

K4 hull lengthened.

K4 hull lengthened and glued to the 3mm card outline of X.1.

Lengthened and widened.

Both halves of the K4 hull attached to the X.1 outline.

Ready for the Milliput.

Decking added......

.... and the first rough application of Milliput.

After the first sanding session......

.... the most important bows are beginning to take shape - its very subtle.

A coat of grey primer helps to see the shape more clearly - almost right.

Adding the casing from plastic card.

Casing fitted - and gaps filled.....

Side profile looks OK.

A quick burst of grey primer ........

....highlights a few areas that still need fettling.

Bridge started - with plastic card wrapped around a piece of wood for the lower section.
The 'roof' is slightly wider to form the upper open bridge....

Upper section added by wrapping thin plastic card around. The forward bridge roof is added using filler. 

Rudder, dive planes and propeller guards made from plastic card. Kit prop shafts cut down and fitted.

Torpedo tubes and anchor

Bridge 'furniture'.

Hull painted.


Making the gun turrets - completed one at top.

Almost completed briudge.

5.2in guns made from aluminium tubing, plastic rod and card.

Finished Model

Some other Cruiser Submarines - HMS X.1, Surcouf and HMS M.1.....


USS Daniel Webster SSBN-626

Based on the Mikro-Mir kit of the USS Lafayette

Kit parts.

Instruction sheet.

Colour diagrams, etched brass and decals for 4 subjects.

Adding strips of plastic card to help location.

Missile section is separate.

Parts for the sail - clear windows are included.

New bow planes mounting from plastic card carved to shape.....

.... and cemented in place.

Ready for painting.

Finished Model

Close-up of the scratch-built 'mini-sail' with the re-located dive planes.

Russian Project 673

Box art.

Simple components.

Assembly diagram - note the individual propeller blades.

Instruction sheet with colour notes.

Decal sheet, acetate bridge 'window' - and etched brass fret - with 5 propeller blades.

Finished model

This strange-looking sub was a design study for a small SSN - it was never built.

Note the lack of a separate conning tower.


Russian Project 1710 'Mackerel'

Box art - the ASCC (NATO) name is 'Beluga Class'

Two-part hull with integral sail - plus dive planes, masts etc.

Instruction sheet with colour notes.

Assembly diagram.

Decals and etched brass fret.

Finished Model

This one-off design was used to test various high-speed boundary-layer control techniques and hull forms.

Note the extreme streamlined shape and hull-mounted sensors.


Golf I Class

Polar Bear models solid resin kit of the Soviet Golf-I class submarine.

The large holes in the keel are for the brass stands in the ready-made model - they will need to be filled.

Resin moulded detail is very well done with no sign of air bubbles.

Decal sheet, some sort of dome, forward dive planes, shnorkel, masts and propellers.

The two display mounting holes are filler with plastic knitting needles.

Finished Model


HMS Spartan

Airfix HMS Trafalgar hull shortened by 7mm

Single baffles replaced with twin baffles - note the recesses gouged into the hull to represent missing tiles.

Recesses in sail for missing tiles

8mm dia plastic knitting needle to make Dry Deck Shelter.

Plastic card used to make the deck extension.

Top view of the deck extension - plus the bathtub-shaped bulge to the rear starboard side.

Sail and DDS Blu-Tac'd in place.

Top view.

Scratch-built DDS - with handrail and hinges plus support brackets.

Temporarily in place on primered hull - still more pipes and brackets to add.

Finished Model

Close up showing the DDS on the extended decking.


USS Seawolf SSN-21

Bronco Box Art

Upper and lower hull halves

The rest of the parts.

Decal sheet - including mottled masts.

Finished Model


USS Seawolf SSN-575

USS Seawolf was a modified Nautilus Class boat - lengthened by 52 feet and converted into a 'Special Projects' sub for covert ops.
I'm using the excellent Mikro-Mir Nautilus model to make her.

I'm using two Nautilus kits to stretch the hull - the anchor is moved forward and I have added the holes for the side thrusters.

The bow sonar dome on Seawolf is on top of the bow - unlike Nautilus where it is at the bottom.
I have removed the sharp bow section from on top - and I am replacing it with the more blunt radome section cut from
 the 'spare' Nautilus lower bow dome.....

.... and grafted it to the top of Seawolf's bow. I also added a sloping section using plastic card.
The lower part of the bow is sanded to a sharper profile.

It will need a triangular section of plastic card at the sides to make the flare between the new upper bow and the existing profile.
New bow thruster holes will need to be cut into this new flared section. I'm making it up as I go....

Flared section added and filled....... along with the free-flood holes on the decking.

Close up of the new bow - more filling and sanding needed.

The stepped conning tower is made from a balsa core wrapped in thin plastic card...

.... not finished yet.

Still working on the bow sonar - I'm not happy with the shape yet.........

.... getting better - the sides if the sonar array are vertical - so plastic card to the rescue.

Much better now.

The conning tower is almost finished.

Making the thrusters,

Bow and stern thrusters - conning tower is temporary.

Making the 'gondola' for the diver saturation lock out using L-shaped plastic.

Flat bottom added from plastic card - with bits of etched brass for 'detail'.

Finished gondola from the side.

Etched brass decking, landing 'skegs', various 'bumps', conning tower, rear diving planes etc all fitted.

Underside view.

All ready for painting.

Adding the support brackets for the DSRV.

Finished Model

Close up of the DSRV.

Scratch-built sail.

Re-contoured bow - with side thrusters.

Retractable skegs.

DSRV and crew figures,

HMS Resolution - HMS Repluse

The latest kit from Mikro-Mir - Royal Navy SSBN HMS Resolution

Vertically split hull halves.......

... with separate missile decking.

Etched-brass propeller and simple decal sheet.

Instruction diagram.

Painting guide - black, black or.... black.

Hull cemented together - upper decking next.

A bit of filler to blend it in.

Ready for painting - the 'sail' is not glued on yet.

Note the distinctive folding bow planes.

Finished Model

Trying to photograph a 'black' submarine is not easy.....

Note the 'folding' bow planes.

The only etched brass in this kit is the seven-bladed propeller.

Finished model - HMS Repluse with DSRV.

Riich Models DSRV - which has to be converted from 'Mystic' to 'Avalon'.

DSRV Parts.

Etched brass parts.

Finished model of HMS Repulse - with DSRV during trials.

USS Halibut SSN-587 with DDS

Strong carboard box - front artwork.....

Rear artwork showing both versions in the kit.

Extremely good packaging and coloured instructions.

Superbly cast resin parts - note the two styles of sail, the DSRV and etched brass.

The instructions are colour-coded for each variant.

USS Albacore AGSS-569

Box top artwork

Rear artwork.

Impressive packing and instructions.

Resin, etched brass and decals.

It's a simple build - after a wash to remove sticky residue, the mould seam on the starboard side was cleaned up....

....the sail and four cruciform diving planes were attached.

Alternative etched brass propellers - and the neat template plugs for bending them.

Finished Model

Side profiles showing the various configurations trialled by Albacore.

HMS Holland

10mm plastic knitting needle being carved to shape for the hull.

Hull shaped and plastic card decking added.

Main micro-construction finished.

My eyes hurt!!! - It's only 56mm (2.5in) long.

Finished Model

Little and Large - spot the Holland.


USS Parche SSN-683

USS Parche - a lengthened Sturgeon class sub designed for 'Special Operations'

Using two Miro-Mir Sturgeon class submarine hulls to create one lengthened hull.

Front and rear hull sections ready to be joined.

Hulls joined - and strengthened with strip of plastic card on the inside.

A coat of grey primer to highlight any more filling needed to eliminate all traces of the join.

Sail temporarily in place, 3 'bulkheads' attached to form the forward raised deck.

Plastic card to form the 'roof'........

.... and sides.

I added the sail from the existing Sturgeon kit - but thought it was a bit short in height....

So I removed it and cut a section from the bottom - and grafted it onto the leftover sail from a second kit....

.... it looks OK now.

Ready for the paint shop........

All painted - using car sprays. I made some decals to represent the side manoeuvring thusters.

Bow and stern thrusters applied.

Finished Model

Soviet Project-628

Project 628 was a project to fit a Chelomei 10XN 'Volna' cruise misile to a wartime K-Class submarine.

The kit is the existing K-Class kit - with all the parts for that model......

... K-Class bridge......

....with a new sprue for the revised bridge, missle hangar and ramp - plus a tiny copy of the German V-1 missile.

The etched brass fret and decals from the K-Class kit are included - although most are not used.

The painting instructions - putting that red-and-white checkerboard on a 20mm long misssile looks like fun!

New bridge parts - plus cylindrical hangar for the 10XN / V1 missile.

Vertically split lower hull - with separate decking.

Assembled hull - with a little filler to blend the deck in.

Completed bridge/hangar - with etched-brass windows and ladders.

Finished Model


HMS Upholder - 1942

Massive box, tiny contents. E.V.A. resin kit

One-piece resin hull, two display stands, bridge and deck gun. Etched brassrudder, diving planes, propeller and railings.
Decal sheet with Penant number and Union Jack.

Adding back the keel that was accidently cut off.

Addition of the prop shafts, rudder and rear dive planes.

Ready for a full primer coat.

Finished model

The old and new.

HMS Upholder 1990

Hobby Boss German Type 212 used as the starting point....

20MM dia plastic knitting needle used to stretch the hull.

20mm dia plug in place........

The front hole is where the Type 212's sail has been removed - the rear hole is where the sharply angled 'haunches' have been cut down.
A length of square section of plastic bridges the gap - ready for the new decking.

Underside showing the new keel - which still needs rounded end caps.

It's begining to look a bit like HMS Upholder.

Decking added from thick plastic card - sides from thinner plastic.

Time to break out the Milliput.....

Milliput applied - and sanded.

The first primer coat reveals a few issues - but it's looking good.

Three rectangles of thick plastic card glued together - ready to be shaped into the conning tower.

Tamiya tape cut to shape to represent the side sonar panels.

Fin carved to shape and stuck in place - along with the upper and lower rudders.

All primed up....

....and ready for the topcoat.

You can have any colour - as long as it is black!

Using a rattle can of Halfords Volvo Dark Grey.

I just have to add the waterline marks, a coat of satin varnish and fit the propeller (taken from the Airfix Trafalgar).

Finished Model


HMS K-15


Mikro-Mir excellent box art

Hull components..........

The K-15 hull is brand new - compare with previous HMS K-4 at top.

The superstructure sprue is also new - note the rectangular recess in the main deck.

Etched brass and decals - thos cross-shaped brass parts are the recesses for the retracted funnels.

A potted history - and marking/painting guide for 3 subs - HMS K-15, K-16 and K-22 (ex K-13)

Construction diagram.

Etched brass for the funnell recesses.

The superstructure sides have to be thinned down to take the etched 'boxes'.

New raised front end for HMS K-12.

Kit bridge compared to scratched K-12 bridge.

HMS K-15, 16 & 22 at front, home-made HMS K-12 at rear.

Ready for the paintshop.

Overhead view showing the revised bridge and foredeck.

Finished Models - as HMS K12 & K22

HMS K12 - with raised foredeck in front of the bridge.

HMS K22 (ex K13).

As kitted by MicroMir.

My collection of MikroMir K-Class submarines. K4 & K22 are straight from the box, K12 & K26 are converted.

Composite view showing the differences.


USS Sealion LPSS-315

Photo of USS Sealion in her LPSS (Transport Submarine) guise.

Sikorsky HRS-3 operating from Sealion's aft deck.

AFV Club USS Gato Class - 1943 model

Shapeways Models 1/350 scale Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw models.

The 3d printed helicopters are sold in blocks of 4 models....

... they are stunning works of art - just 36mm (1.5 in) long...

... I just hope my old eyes and fat fingers can do them justice.

USS Lionfish (Balao-style) Fairwater.

When she was converted to the transport role, her bow.........

.... and stern topedo tubes were removed.

I made the raised deck from plastic card - scored to match the kit decking.

The raised deck attached - with the fairwater temporarily in place.

Trying out the HRS-3 for size.

Adding the side panels.......

.... blended in with filler.

Maybe a tad too high.

Top view of the raised decking.

A quick squirt of primer - and it's looking OK.

Not 100% accurate - but it will do.

Finished Model

Modified AFV Club Gato - with Shapeways S-55 helicopter.

Side profile.

Closer view of the Marines helicopter

HMS Tabard

New resin kit from Starling models - the Royal Navy T-Class submarine.

Excellent 8-page instruction booklet.....

Very detailed instructions. Note the two styles of gun mount.

Colour painting guide.

Superbly cast one-piece resin hull - a bit of moulding 'flash' but no trace of any air holes or bubbles.

Other resin parts - excellent mouldings.

Gun barrels by Mastermodel, etched parts and decals.

Adding the mesh decking - very delicate.

Decking complete.....

Top view showing etched brass deck inserts.

The kit supplies the propeller housings (very delicate castings) - but not the prop shafts......

... which the modeller has to add from thin plastic or brass rod...
BUT the instruction sheet quotes their length as '5mm' - which on measuring turns out to be 11mm!

The QF 4in (left) and 20MM Oerlikon are stunning examples of resin casting - with metal gun barrels provided
by Master-Model of Poland. Both barrels are tapered - with the 4in even having a hole at the sharp end!

The instruction sheet is again in error - omitting to point out the mounting pedestals (parts 7 [4in] and 9 [20mm])
 The 20mm parts are 8 & 9 - not 7 as shown on the instruction diagram.

First coat of grey primer......

.... showing the great detail provided by the mesh decking.

Painted in Hataki PB10 and decals applied.

Almost finished - awaiting some elastic thread for the rigging/aerials.


HMS Oberon

One-piece solid resin hull.

A slight moulding seam along the hull - easily fixed.

The rest of the parts - conning tower, rear and front diving planes, prop shafts,
propellers, two masts and two styles of sonar dome.

A quick squirt of Halfords Grey Plastic Primer highlights the mould seam along the hull.....

A closer view of the seam on the starboard forward hull side.....

Port rear....

Starboard rear.....

Another view of the stbd front.

Going once......

Going once again......

Going twice.....

Going twice again....


Gone twice.

Rear rudder, propshafts, conning tower, forward diving planes and sonar dome attached - under a coat of primer.

Rear end close up.

Ready for its top coat........

..... which can be any colour........

.... as long as it's BLACK !

Sprayed from a rattle can of Halfords Volvo Dark Grey.

Maybe this is why there aren't many kits of RN subs - the boring finish!

Volvo Dark Grey makes a good 'black'.

It just needs its hand-painted camouflage now......

Finished Model (as HMS Opossum)

HMS Opossum after her return from the Gulf War.

Upper surface camouflage is roughly applied - as is the 'sharkmouth'.


HMS Venturer

One-piece solid resin hull - with a mould seam down both sides, but easily fixed.

The surface detail is quite good.

The other resin parts - conning tower, periscopes and stanchions, diving planes, deck gun, radio mast, propeller shafts and props.

The first coat of Halford's Grey Plastic Primer highlights the excellent detail work.....

All very well detailed.......

.... but it does highlight the seam running along the middle of the hull.....

The upper straight line is the waterline - the curved seam is below it.

I'm not sure if this is a moulding flaw - or part of the structure?

A couple of sessions of filling and sanding to eliminate that seam....

Finished Model

HMS Venturer - famous as the first submarine in the history of naval warfare
where one submarine intentionally sank another while both were submerged.

The deck gun is from a MikroMir K4 kit.

Pennant number decals are from the spares cache.

Composite image showing HMS Upholder (Group I) top - with HMS Venturer (Group II).



Box art.

Simple instruction sheet and etched brass parts.

Superbly cast resin hull, conning tower and prop boss's.

USS Albacore - AGSS-569 (Mikro-Mir)

Mikro-Mir box art.

Page 1 of the instructions.

Page 2 - assembly diagram.

Horizontally-split hull - with great engraved detail.

Conning towe, dive planes etc...

Etched propellers, clear 'windscreen' and decal sheet.

Upper and lower hulls cemented together - and the join filled! Note the filled-in holes for the X-shaped dive planes.

As kitted by MM, the Albacore has a moveable 'rudder' on the rear of the sail....

This was not fitted to the earlier version I am modeling, so...

... I blended it in with filler.

USS Growler - SSG 577

Box art.

Instruction sheet Page 1.

Construction diagram for the hull.

Conning tower, Regulus I missile and launch ramp.

Final assembly diagram.

Vertically-split hull with fine engraved detail.

Conning tower, decking and one half of the missile.

Prop shafts, missile half etc - plus the decals sheet and etched brass fret.

Parts for the Regulus missile hangars.

Missile hangar instructions.

Interior painted and constructed as a sub-assembly - ignoring the instructions.

View of the missile hangar sub-assembly...

Missile hangar fitted into port hull half...

Fit isn't brilliant - soon fixed with a smear of filler.

Starboard hull half fitted.

The domed cover doesn't fit precisely - so I covered the port side missile hangar opening with a disc of thin plastic card....

....before fitting the dome.

The side panels are then added - again the fit is a bit 'iffy'....

Port side panel in place - some filler needed!

Both panels in place.

Gaps filled, sanded, primed, more filling/sanding....

... until I'm happy that the join is hidden.

Nine tiny bollards fitted - and a final grey primer coat.

Thin white plastic rod used for the handrail. Six parts make up the missile launch rail...

Five parts for the Regulus I missile - note the 'flash on the rocket boosters. Missile is just 27mm long (1 in approx).

Finished Model


Russian Delta IV Class SSBN

Zvezda Delta IV Box Art.

Vetically-split hull sides.

Hull top, missile compartment top and hull rear sections.

Missile bay sides and launch tubes, conning tower and internal bulkheads.

Dive planes, masts and other smaller parts.

Rocky display stand.

The decal sheet - note the town emblem of Tula.

Painting guide.

'Busy' instruction sheet.

Complicated propeller assembly - five separate blades!!!

Rear fixed horizontal planes - with 'working' mechanism for the dive planes...

The moveable dive planes are still to be attached.

Two missile tubes - each made up from THREE segments.

Underside of upper hull showing four bulkheads and two missile tubes.

Upper hull on its side. The bow - with the torpedo-loading bay is at top left.

Top view of the upper hull with the bow at bottom right - the torpedo loading bay is just visible.

Lower port side of the hull attached....

The attachment seams can be glued from the inside....

Parts for the rear end - the centre parts have to be trapped between the upper and lower (left & right) parts.
They are to allow for working dive planes and upper and lower rudders.

Starboard side of the lower hull attached.

Underside view showing the join along the keel.

Top view with rear end attached.

A slight gap that needs attention.

A quick coat of grey primer reveals where the joints need some attention - along the sides of the hull.......

... and along the keel. The two diamond-shaped holes are for the stand uprights.

A couple of sessions of sanding soon had those joins eliminated......

.... nearly there.

The 'bridge' is made up from two sides, a top, two dive planes and a connecting part to make them 'workable'...
The blue/green part is a housing for the periscopes/antenna - constructed from three tiny parts...

Bridge constructed - I dispensed with the working dive planes - choosing to fix them in place later..

The bridge top.

Another view of the bridge.

I decided to forego the 'working' features and just glued the rudders and dive planes in place....

Four cooling intakes and four outlets added.

Port side of missile compartment added - starboard side still to go......

Starboard side and top section added. Black is so difficult to photgraph!!

Conning tower with top deck glued in the wrong place!!!!

.... now corrected.

The hull is painted (Red Primer and Volvo Dark Grey) from rattle-cans. A start is made on the decals - with the white waterline stripe.

The decals are superb - fine but robust and they handle well.

Finished Model


USS Parche SSN-683 (early)

Mikro-Mir box art.

Horizontaly-split hull.

The only other sprue.

Folded A4 instruction sheet.

Etched brass and decal sheet.

The horizontally-split hull has a lot of flash that needs removing. I added strips of white plastic card to aid alignment.

Very visible joint line that needs the application.....


The lockout shelter is in three parts - again with lots of flash.....

The sides added......

... leaving a gap at the front end.

Parts for the sail - and its rear extention.

Remind me to buy shares in filler manufacturers....

Lockout chamber, hull and sail all rubbed down...

Ready for a primer coat...

The Towed Array Sonar is just butt-jointed and very fragile..

The parts for the 'dummy' DSRV.

Painted - using Halfords rattle-can car sprays. Note the broken Towed Array Sonar cable duct...

Nearly there.....

I found this image on the Internet - it shows USS Parche as first launched (top), as first modified - and kitted by Mikro-Mir -
and in her final configuration, with a 100ft hull stretch.

Finished Model

My attempt at reproducing the image above - USS Sturgeon, USS Parche (Early) and USS Parch (Final configuration).


Ken Duffey