Flankers in 1:72 Scale

Some of my current collection of Flankers in 1:72 scale - all 18 of them! (the Su-27KUB is missing from the photo!)

They were all made many years ago - some as much as 25 years!

Here they are individually - in no particular order......

This is the first Su-27 I ever did in about 1985 - made from a Hungarian vacform kit. It is probably still the most accurate !!

Record-breaking 'P-42' variant - modified from the Airfix kit.

Su-33 Naval Flanker - heavily modified Airfix kit

Su-34 - from the Italeri kit

Another Italeri Su-34 - this time painted in primer finish.

Heavily modified Airfix kit to represent the long-distance record-attempt T10-20

Hasegawa Su-27 painted and decalled to make an early Ukrainian AF example.

Compare the inaccurate nose shape to the Airfix kit.

Heller Su-27UB converted into the Su-30MK demonstrator

Su-37 'Terminator' Super-Flanker converted from the Airfix kit.

The one-off Su-30KI - designed for an Indonesian deal that fell through.

Heller Su-27UB converted to represent the Su-30 operated by the 'Test Pilots' demo team.

Su-27UB of the 148th TsBP i PLS/54th GvIAP from the Heller kit. Decals are from Travers.

Airfix Su-27 modified into the T10-17 armament testbed. Note the original sqaure-tipped fins with counterweights,

orange and red missiles and unusual camouflage scheme on 'bort 17'.

Heller Su-27UB kit straight out of the box with 'Russian Knights' decals.

The Hasegawa Su-27 in 'Russkie Vityazi' markings.

This is a 'What-if' model of an Indian Air Force Su-30MKI converted from the Heller Su-27UB.

It is based on a large display model that I photographed on the Sukhoi stand many years ago. - If only!!

Airfix Su-27 painted and decalled to represent a Chinese PLAAF Su-27SK

My most heavily converted Flanker yet - the Su-27KUB. Like the real thing, it was made by combining the cockpit

section from a Su-34 - but with a conical radome. The wings, rudders and canards are bigger and the colour scheme

is a mix of the camouflaged donor Su-33 with all the new parts in various shades of primer yellow.

A few more new-builds.......

Su-35 second prototype - converted from the Airfix Su-27 kit

Russian AF Su-34 'Fullback' in its new colour scheme - modified from the Italeri Su-34 kit.

Chinese PLANAF Su-30MKK - Trumpeter kit with corrected height fins and additional weapons.

Chinese PLAAF J-11B - Trumpeter kit.

Russian AVMF Su-33 - Hasegawa kit with drooped flaps.

Indian AF Su-30K in anniversary scheme - Trumpeter Su-27UB kit combined with parts from Su-30MKK kit.

Indian AF Su-30MKI - converted from Heller Su-27UB kit.

Malaysian AF Su-30MKM - converted from Heller Su-27UB kit.

Six more new builds......

Zvezda Su-27SM - straight from the box.

Trumpeter Su-27 kit with Digital Camouflge from Authentic Decals.

Trumpeter Su-27 (Early) kit depicting the Flanker that collided with a P3 Orion - note the damaged fin tip.

Su-30SM in Russian AF colours - converted from the Trumpeter Su-30MKK kit with added canards and TVC nozzles.

Trumpeter J-15 'Flying Shark' of the Chinese Navy - with slight modifications to the kit.

Su-30MK2 of the Venezuelan AF - Converted from the Heller Su-27UB with Begemot decals.

Two more new builds......

Modelsvit T10-10 Flanker prototype (left) - Hasegawa Su-35S (right).

Build photos here.

Note the wing shape, fins on engines and anti-flutter weights on all flying surfaces.

Sliding canopy, rearward-retracting nosewheel, main doors doubling as airbrakes etc.
Totally different from the later re-designed production T10S/Su-27.

Hasegawa Su-35S - the ultimate iteration of the Flanker family.

Thrust Vector Control (TVC) exhaust nozzles.

Drooped TVC nozzles at rest.

Su-27IB & Su-34

Prototype Su-27IB - converted from Italeri Su-34 and Heller Su-27UB

Note the short tail stinger and single main wheels.

Prototype Su-27IB conversion.

Trumpeter Su-34 - with a few mods.


Su-34 - as operated in Syria.

Ken Duffey

Updated March 2018