Some of my other models....

Flanker Models

Tupolev Tu-4 'Bull

This is the Academy B-29 kit re-boxed and sold in Russia under the 'Modelist' brand name.

Overall shot of the finished model.

Note the larger 23mm cannon.

Side view showing the underwing KS-1 missile.

Closeup of the NeOmega resin kit of the KS-1 'Kometa' anti-ship missile.

Another overall shot.

KS-1 under the starboard wing. The pylons were modified from the Trumpeter Tu-16 kit.

Size comparison between Tu-4 and Tu-95MS. Note that the fuselage diameter is the same!!

My scratchbuilt A-90 'Orlyonok' Ekranoplan

Amodel La-250 'Anakonda'


  Italeri MiG-29UB in the markings of the Ukrainian 'Tridents' demo team - decals from Leading Edge.

Italeri MiG-29 in the colours of the 'Gromov' two-ship team that collided at RIAT Fairford in 1993.

Colours and markings are home-made.

Zvezda MiG-31


Amodel Su-11.

Legato kit of the Sukhoi 'Type R' - also called 'Su-17' (first time round!).

This was Sukhoi's first attemt at a supersonic design - in 1949! The whole front fuselage detached as an escape module.

Amodel Tu-128 'Fiddler' Heavy Interceptor.

The Tu-128 - and its replacement, the Mig-31.

Trumpeter Tu-160 'Blackjack' - with Begemot decals.

The model is finished in the markings of 'Pavel Taran' - twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

Closeup of the nose showing the markings and the deployed IFR probe.

The rear weapons bay and main wheel wells. The Kh-55 missiles are from the Amodel set, the red one is a Kh-55SM training round.

Forward weapons bay and noswheel well. The rotary launcher is fitted with five KH-55SM extended range cruise missiles........

.....the sixth Kh-55SM on its trolley about to be loaded.

This shot shows the extended slats, flaps & spoilers. The interior detail I have added from scrap.

The Amodel missile set provides two missiles - a Kh-55 & Kh-55SM in either stowed or launch configuration.

The kit also includes a single handling trolley. This photo shows an 'in-flight' and a stowed Kh-55SM. Decals are from Begemot.

An-38 (left) and An-14 (right).

An-14 'Pchelka' (Little Bee) is an injection-moulded kit from VEB-Plastikart.

An-14 from the side.

An-28 is a vacform from the Polish firm Broplan.

I had to use a prop at the back to prevent it tailsitting!

The Condor MiG-25P kit


MiG-25P Foxbat from Condor.

Amodel Sukhoi Su-9 Fishpot-A

Su-9 - compare to Su-11 further up the page....

Amodel Su-9.

Amodel Sukhoi T4 'Sotka'.

Sotka means 'The 100' - because it weighed 100 tonnes.

Soviet Mach 3 bomber - one the world's first FBW aircraft.

Sotka showing drooped nose.

Head on view.

Sotka from the side..

Rear end

Mighty Bear - Trumpeter's Tu-95MS.

This one is painted with the name of the city of Saratov.


Tu-95MS Bear-H

Three-seat trainer variant of the Tu-128 'Fiddler' - the Tu-128U 'Pelican'.

The radar nose is replaced with an instructors cockpit.

Amodel Tu-128U Pelican.

Amodel Yak-28P 'Firebar' interceptor.



Lavochkin La-15 'Fantail' - Russian vacform kit


MiG-9 'Fargo' - Resin kit.


Sukhoi Su-9 - vacform kit



Yak-15 'Feather' - KP kit


Yak-17 'Feather' - vacform kit


Yak-23 'Flora' - KP kit.


Sukhoi T-49 - Amodel kit.



Sukhoi T-49

Pe-8 compared to Lancaster.

Zvezda Pe-8 (back), Amodel Pe-8 (front)

Zvezda Pe-8.

Zvezda Pe-8

Zvezda Pe-8.

Amodel Pe-8.

Amodel Pe-8.

Some Oddball MiGs

MiG E-7PD - a modified MiG-21 with a lift jet for STOL tests. Amodel Kit

MiG-23PD - another lift jet STOL project that was abandoned in favour of swing wings. Art Model kit.

The design was replaced by the swing-wing MiG-23.

You can see the evolution of the final MiG-23.

Heavy interceptor MiG E-150. Modelsvit kit.

A MiG-21 on steroids!

One of a series of 'Heavy Metal' MiGs - E-150, E-152, E-155.

Business end of the MiG E-150.

MiG I-3U - predecessor to the MiG-19. Modelsvit kit.

MiG A-144-2 'Analog' - used to test the wing shape for the Tu-144 SST

All 5 'oddball' MiGs.