Modelling Russian Aircraft

There have been quite a few requests for a list of model shops in Moscow, so I have created a page to list those I have visited, together with maps & directions :-

Moscow Model Shops

I have a few articles about modelling Soviet & Russian aircraft, ranging from the 1930's TB-1 'Zveno' through the Great Patriotic War Petlyakov Pe-8 right up to the very latest Sukhoi S-37 & MiG 1.44.

Most of these articles are located on other web sites - to which I have provided links.

The first one on this site is an article about modelling the Antonov An-71 AWACS aircraft - NATO Reporting name, Madcap.

My models at the excellent VVS modelling website :-

TB-1 / I-4 'Zveno-1' combination

1930's bomber with escorting fighters attached.

TB-3 'Zveno-6' 'Aviamatka'

1930's TB-3 bomber with FIVE fighters attached.

Yermalaev Yer-2

GPW gull-winged twin-engined long-range bomber.

Petlyakov Pe-8

GPW four-engined heavy bomber using the Contrail kit.

Lancaster with Red Stars

Lancaster used by the Soviets in WWII.

My models at my mate Dave's brilliant Russian Aviation Research website :-

Sukhoi S-37 'Berkut'

Scratch building the Forward Swept Wing technology demonstrator.

My models at the superb Linden Hill Imports website :-

Sukhoi Flanker Family

Most of the major variants of the prolific Flanker are covered here. 

Sukhoi Su-27K/Su-33

Building the Naval version - with wings folded etc.

Academy Su-27

Building the Academy 1:48 scale kit.

Sukhoi Su-27KUB

The latest side-by-side two-seat naval variant.

Tupolev Tu-14

Building the Red Hurricane Tu-14 Bosun.

MiG 1.44

Scratch building the latest MiG MFI technology demonstrator. 

Yakovlev Yak UT-1

Building the NeOmega resin kit of the Yak trainer.

Finally, my models on this website :-

Antonov An-71 Madcap AWACS.

Converting the Toko An-74 into an An-71 'Madcap'.

1:72 scale A-90 Orlyonok

Building the A-90 Ekranoplan in 1/72 scale

Sukhoi Su-15 (1949)

Building the Unicraft kit of the 1949 vintage Sukhoi Su-15.

1:144 Scale Revell kit

Modelling the 1:144 scale A-90 Orlyonok from Revell.

GRB-36D FICON with RF-84K Parasite 

Not Russian - but added here following discussions on R.M.S. Newsgroup.

1:700 Scale Submarines

Some photos of my collection of 1:700 scale submarines.        

1:350 Scale Submarines
My collection of submarines in 1/350 scale

1:72 Scale Tupolev Tu-160 'Blackjack'

A quick look at the Master Club Resin kit

Yakovlev Yak-141 Freestyle

How to scratchbuild a Yak-141 in 1:72 scale - complete with photos of the real thing !

Flanker Model Survey !!

A complete review of all Flanker model kits ever issued (I think !)

Antonov An-26 Model

First impressions of the new 'Russian Project' kit. 

Lavochkin La-250 Model

First impressions of the latest Amodel kit

Trumpeter Tu-95 

A first look at this great new kit from Trumpeter.

Esci/Italeri Tu-22M3

Plastic Surgery on the Backfire to correct the faults..........

Amodel An-22 'Antei'

A look at the massive limited-run transport from 'Amonster'                                                  

Ilyushin Il-102

Scratch-Built 'Jet Shturmovik'

lyushin Il-38

Building the Amodel IL-38 May

Yakovlev Yak-141 Freestyle
Modelling the Anigrand resin kit
Ilyushin Il-40
Modelling the Unicraft Il-40 'Brawny'

Other models

Photos of some of my other models. 

Ilyushin Il-76
A build article on the new Amodel Il-76 'Candid'
Kamov Co-Axials
Some of my Amodel Kamov helicopter models
Mil Mi-26 Halo
A first look at the new South Front 1:72 scale kit.
Converting the Heller Su-27UB into a Malaysian AF Su-30MK - plus an Indian AF Su-30MKI
M-17 'Stratosfera' (Mystic-A)
A look at the Anigrand resin kit
Trumpeter Su-27 A look at the Trumpeter 1:32 scale Su-27 'Flanker B'
Myasischev M-50 Bounder New Amodel kit of the 1960's Soviet supersonic bomber
Beriev Be-10 Mallow New vacform kit from Deka models
Sukhoi T-12 Sukhoi Strategic Bomber
Trumpeter Tu-160 Blackjack Full build - with real Tu-160 photos - of the Tu-160 from Trumpeter
Mil V-12 Homer The Amodel kit of the world's largest helicopter
Buran Amodels Buran - sold as a separate kit
Mil Mi-8 Building the Hobby Boss Mi-8T & Mi-8MT
Mil Mi-14 Building the Topgun resin Mi-14PS 'Haze' helicopter
Sukhoi Su-35

Converting the Airfix Su-27 into the new 4++ generation Su-35

Trumpeter Tu-22M2 The new Trumpeter Tu-22M2 'Backfire-B'
Amodel White Knight & Spaceship One Assembling the test shots of the new Amodel kit
F-17A 'Flankercat' A 'What if' model of a Su-30 Flanker painted in US Navy Tomcat markings
Mil Mi-17-18 Hybrid Afghan Presidential Helicopter
Mil Mi-18 Updated Hip with lengthened fuselage and retractable undercarriage
Trumpeter Tu-22M3 Trumpeter Tu-22M3 'Backfire-C'
Sukhoi T50 PAK FA Scratchbuilding the Sukhoi Stealth Fighter
Myasischev 3MD 'Bison' Modelling the Amodel 'Amonster' kit of the Soviet jet bomber
PAK FA in Resin Sukhoi T50 made from the 'Resin Shop' kit
Bristol Brabazon New 'Amonster' kit from Amodel
Flanker Fins and Wheels
A pictorial guide to Flanker Fin Shapes - and main wheel designs
Four Flankers Building four Flankers at once
Alekseyev A-90 Ekranoplan Making and modifying the Revell kit
Beriev Be-200 Building the Amodel kit
Trumpeter J-11B New Flanker kit
Lavochlin La-150

Resin kit of the early Soviet fighter from Prop & Jet

Yakovlev Yak-25RV/RRV Amodel kit of the long-span reconnaissance Yak twin
Mil Mi-10 Helicopter Amodel Mi-10 'Harke' helicopter
Trumpeter Su-30MKK New kit from Trumpeter
Fairchild XC-120 'Pack Plane' 1:72 scale Resin kit from Anigrand
Trumpeter Su-27 Early Trumpeters latest Flanker
Su-30SM Converting the Trumpeter Su-30MKK into a Su-30SM
An-124 Ruslan Modelsvit 1/72 scale fibreglass-resin kit
Su-34 Updating the Italeri kit
Prop and Jet resin kits Some Prop and jet fighters from P&J
Advanced Modelling Resin
Russian Weapons sets
Zvezda Topol
1/72 scale Zvezda Topol TEL kit
ZZ Modell Iskander
1/72 scale Tactical Missile Complex
1/72 scale Flanker from Zvezda
Su-27 Digital Camouflage
1/72 scale Trumpeter Su-27 with Authentic Decals digital camouflage
F-89 Scorpion
Three versions of Northrop's fighter in 1/72 scale
Nanchang Q-5 Fantan
Sonicmodel resin kit of the Nanchang Q-5 Fantan
Model Ekranoplans
Photos of my completed 1/144 scale Ekranoplans
Model Beech Starship
Amodel's 1/72 scale Beech Starship
MiG E-150
Modelsvit's Big MiG
Bartini VVA-14
Modelsvit's VTOL ASW machine
Flanker model collection
All my model Flankers in 1/72 scale
Trumpeter J-15 with flight deck
New Chinese Naval Flanker
Hobby Boss Su-27UB
New 1/48 Scale Flanker
NeOmega Mi-8MTV5
Resin conversion set
Tu-22 Blinder
Modelsvit's Tu-22 'Shilo'
Tu-91 Boot - Plus Tu-4 engine testbed
Modelsvit's Tu-91 ASW Boot - including Tu-4 with Tu-91 engine testbed
Su-33UB Flanker
New 1/72 scale kit from Trumpeter
Su-33 Flanker
1/72 scale single seater from Trumpeter
M-17 Stratosfera
Modelsvit 1/72 scale kit of the Myasishchev 'Mystic-A'
Be-10 Mallow
Amodel 1/72 scale kit of the Beriev jet flying boat
Su-33 Flanker Zvezda
Zvezda Su-33 Flanker D in 1/72 scale
Su-33 Flanker Hasegawa
Hasegawa Su-33 Flanker-D in 1/72 scale
MiG E-152 'Flipper'
New big MiG from Modelsvit
MiG E-152M
Another new big MiG from Modelsvit
MiG I-320
Modelsvit's twin-engined MiG
Lavochkin La-200
Twin-engined jet from Avis
Su-34 Trumpeter
The new 1/72 scale Su-34 from Trumpeter - compared to the Italeri kit.
Converting the Italeri kit to the prototype Su-34 - the Su-27IB
Piaggio P.180 Avanti
Italian turboprop from Amodel
EWR VJ-101C-X2
German VTOL from A&A Models
Sukhoi T10 Prototype
T10 Flanker prototype from Modelsvit
MiG E-152-1
Latest in the line of BIG MiGs from Modelsvit
Beriev R-1 Jet flying boat
New resin kit from ABM
MiG E-166
Last of the BiG MiGs from Modelsvit
Su-37 Scratch/conversion
Combing the Zvezda Su-33 and Su-30SM to make a Su-37
Myasischev M-55 Geophysica
New 1/72 scale kit from Modelsvit
Sukhoi Su-17 - Type R
A&A Models 1949 Sukhoi fighter
Kalinin K-7
Massive 1930s bomber from Mikro-Mir
Object 279
Soviet Heavy Tank - 1/35 scale from Panda

Modelling Links :-

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